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29 Reasons Why ASD Employees Find Their Work Rewarding

Jan 17, 2019

On ASD’s blog, we often feature stories about ASD’s advanced technology and patented tools. However, we recognize that it is our employees first and foremost that allow ASD to excel. Their expertise and skills have allowed us to evolve into the company we are today. As the leading answering service for funeral homes, we believe our office culture should reflect the fact that our work is centered around compassion and helping others. Creating an environment where employees are passionate about the work they do and want to come to work every day is so important to ASD’s owners.

As a family-owned company, we understand that reliable employees are not replaceable. When most people think of answering services, they imagine a revolving door of employees, but our company is truly an exception to this rule. 74 of ASD team members have been with the company 5 or more years. These numbers are the result of ASD’s unique workplace culture, which emphasizes promoting from within, creating opportunities for our staff to learn new skills and numerous performance awards. From offering exercise workstations, to organizing numerous company events, to even something as extraneous as building a Gazebo and fishpond for our staff – we strongly believe in making ASD an enjoyable and fulfilling place to work.

Watch the video below to hear our staff’s perspectives on what it’s like to work at ASD:

Recently, we asked our staff to share what they felt were the most rewarding aspects of working at ASD. Here are their answers:

I think the most rewarding thing about ASD is knowing that you can try to bring comfort and trust to people that decide to use these funeral homes for their loved ones by using skills implemented by the extensive training we receive here at ASD. It can really change a person’s mood during the call and help to settle their emotions when you know how to speak with a caller and know what they need to hear. My favorite aspects of working at ASD are my awesome co-workers and being able to help families in need.”

Rebecca Rushton
Training Specialist – Joined ASD Team in 2017

“I really feel as though ASD is a great place to work. It offers so many ways to expand your career and succeed further within the company. With hard work and perseverance, anything can happen. I am extremely grateful for all of my trainers and supervisors who helped me learn and pushed for me to succeed.”

Lauren Fisher
Operations Supervisor – Joined ASD Team in 2014

“I enjoy being able to help our clients and their families. Whether that is through account optimization, developing new technologies, or improving upon our current capabilities. I have gained an enormous respect for the individuals in the Funeral Service profession.”

William Chicola
Technical Analyst – Joined ASD Team in 2008

“I get a lot of satisfaction knowing that we are helping our clients to be more available and to work more efficiently. Above all, it feels good to help families on their most difficult days, even if only to be a kind voice to help guide the way. My favorite aspects of working at ASD are the people and pace of the job. The people here at ASD are great people who I truly enjoy working with and for. We have a great management / supervisor team leading the way and everyone here really cares. While most days are very busy, the days go by very quickly as a result.”

Joy Johnson
Call Specialist – Joined ASD Team in 2018

“I think its a wonderful company and one thing I really love is that they promote from within. So everyone that is here basically started off as a Call Specialist and they’ve moved forward into different directions, different branches. I think working here has taught me to just be patient and take my time to listen to people and meet them at their place of need.”

Beverly Blalock
Assistant Supervisor – Joined ASD Team in 2015

“I enjoyed so many fulfilling experiences and meaningful interactions as ASD’s National Sales Manager. One of the most rewarding parts is getting to know our current clients across the country and collecting positive feedback to share with our team. It has been an absolute pleasure to be welcomed so warmly at the conventions and conferences I have attended.”

Craig Meehan
National Sales Manager – Joined ASD Team in 2016

“The most rewarding thing about my job is that I get to help people and that I do what I love. I know it may sound cheesy but I really do love my job. Throughout my shift I am helping Call Specialists, Funeral Directors and callers and it feels good to know I am making a difference.”

Anne O’Reilly
Client Solutions Supervisor – Joined ASD Team in 2008

“One of the things I like best about my job is helping people. In my position, I am always assisting someone whether it be a caller needing to speak to a director, a call specialist with a question about an account or a client who needs an account update or assistance with our website.”

Kristen Soderland
Technical Analyst – Joined ASD Team in 2005

“I started with the company in 2009 and back then, tuition reimbursement really helped me stay in school. I was able to finish and graduate. Working as ASD’s graphic designer today allows me to contribute to ASD’s already existing success by doing something that I love.”

Juan Silva
Lead Creative Designer – Joined ASD Team in 2009

“I like communicating with people—whether it is the staff, my peers or our clients. We are our own little family here—relying on, helping and encouraging each other any way we can. Just recently, I have begun attending funeral director conventions and, after 19 years at ASD, it is wonderful to be able to meet our clients face to face.”

Sue Norbeck
Operations Supervisor – Joined ASD Team in 1994

“I like helping people especially in a time of their need. I also love the flexibility ASD offers me for a real life work balance. My kids say all the time how happy they are that I can get them from school everyday. They company also offers a terrific benefits package. I also appreciate the community efforts ASD is involved in. Overall, a great place to work!”

Debra Tonuci-Olivieri
Call Specialist – Joined ASD Team in 2018

“I am human, right? So I should have feelings. People pass away every day and they need people who have feelings, who have sympathy, that can console them and direct them in the right place during that difficult time. We’re making a difference on a daily basis and people just don’t quite understand that unless they’ve done it themselves. If you want to grow, this is a perfect place. It very much believes in people that believe in themselves. It’s a family-owned business that’s organically grown and there’s a lot of opportunity here.”

Michael Maurer
Operations Supervisor – Joined ASD Team in 2015

“ASD has given me a strong understanding of the funeral profession, a career I whole-heartedly enjoy and incredible friendships which I have learned can develop in places you least expect it. I have grown up while working at ASD and feel so grateful for the friendships I have developed during that time.”

Lauren Kress
Project Director – Joined ASD Team in 2002

“I was in a really bad car accident and I had to learn how to walk again. Knowing that I had a job to come back to, the security, the love, the care, the concern was amazing. It made me feel like I had a second family. I really love what I do and the people I work with and for. Being able to grow with the company and to see all the changes and new advances throughout the years has been so exciting. It’s been really amazing to see and I’ve been proud to be apart of it.”

Margarita Santiago
Operations Supervisor – Joined ASD Team in 2006

“The most rewarding thing about working at ASD for me is knowing that I am helping funeral owners and their employees help families who lost a family member deal with all that happens when they call a funeral home to set up a funeral or inquire about planning a funeral. At the end of the day, I can be thankful I helped someone in need. I have worked for Fortune 50 companies and Fortune 500 companies, and ASD is definitely a one-of-a- kind company. The teamwork is second to none, the employees work hard and play hard, and they do both alongside our leadership owners. I am so thankful I work at ASD, it doesn’t get any better anyplace else.”

Vince Melograna
Sales Representative – Joined ASD Team in 2015

“I am fortunate to have a great team! We love to help clients save on their bills when possible. I have watched clients cut their bills down and that means we are helping them. My favorite part is when a client tells us how good our service is and how they are willing to work with us to cut down their costs to stay on service. It is so rewarding to know what we have accomplished as a Team.”

Dara Dix
Financial Manager – Joined ASD Team in 1997

“I have worked for a lot of companies and ASD is the best. There is so much positive reinforcement and it makes you strive to do your best. Being recognized for hard work is a reward itself.”

Rachel Keys-Taylor
Operations Supervisor – Joined ASD Team in 2010

“I started working at ASD as a Call Specialist right out of high school. The support, training and encouragement I received here helped me to earn my college degree and hone my skills. I have grown up with this company and am now proud to work in ASD’s Marketing Department. I am grateful to work for a family that appreciates employee contributions and supports such a positive work environment.”

Jessica Farren
Public Relations Specialist – Joined ASD Team in 2003

“I think the greatest thing about being a Call Specialist at ASD is you have such flexibility. Working a full-time schedule or part-time, you’re always able to get extra shifts, you’re always able to give away your shifts, so it really gives you the opportunity to have extra time in your own life. You’re also recognized for the work that you put in, so everyone starts as a Call Specialist and what you put into it is what you get out of it. The supervision, management, they all recognize that.”

TJ Hopson
Training Supervisor – Joined ASD Team in 2015

“For me, the most rewarding part about working at ASD is that I haven’t only developed a relationship with my coworkers, but I have gained a second family. I also feel privileged to have helped console so many families in my time here. I’ve had the opportunity to work in three different departments at ASD; I started as a call specialist, then after 9 years I had the experience to work as a New Client Specialist with our Sales team for 3 years, and most recently was given the opportunity to join the ASD Client Solutions Team. It’s been a great adventure so far!”

Sue Fritz
Client Solutions Specialist – Joined ASD Team in 2002

“I find it rewarding to be able to help callers in their most difficult times and to provide comfort and assurance to families. It is also rewarding to gather accurate information while representing funeral directors all over the country.”

Rosemary Touhill
Senior Call Specialist – Joined ASD Team in 2007

“Our company has stayed on the cutting edge of technology and this has really helped us to expand. We continue to grow and learn more every day. I also really appreciate all of the efforts our company has made to reward good attendance.”

Rose Groover
Client Solutions Specialist – Joined ASD Team in 2004

“I’ve learned so much about teamwork and customer service from ASD. I’ve learned the value of hard work and dedication and how it can get you to where you want to be in life.”

Andrew Troutt
Operations Supervisor – Joined ASD Team in 2012

“Since I began working at ASD, I got married and have raised three children. ASD has always been supportive of me and my family by providing me with flexibility when I needed it. That was a big part of why ASD became my career.”

Renee Mancer
Training Supervisor – Joined ASD Team in 1998

“I enjoy what I do and I love working with the great staff we have at ASD. We have the privilege of using the treadmill and stationary bike while we work. ASD has also created new opportunities for promotion. Many new applications and software updates have been installed to help the staff here at ASD perform their job efficiently and effectively.”

Myrna Russi
Training Specialist – Joined ASD Team in 2006

“Though I have only just joined the team, I love working here and hope to develop my career here at ASD.”

Salvatore Monastra
Call Specialist – Joined ASD Team in 2018

“Whether training new employees, assisting callers who just experienced a loss or speaking to clients during proactive customer service calls, it is rewarding to know that you are helping people on a daily basis.”

Sherry Martin
Client Solutions Supervisor – Joined ASD Team in 2009

“ASD has continually changed during my time here. I have seen the company utilize available technology and in-house talent to improve work conditions for employees, while at the same time giving us tools that help us improve servicing clients and callers alike.”

Darlene Adorno
Senior Call Specialist – Joined ASD Team in 2007

“I love that my hours are flexible and allow me to be available to my three kids. I also love that we are a big family here and we all really care about one another.”

Christa Hunter
Senior Call Specialist – Joined ASD Team in 2007

Interested in working at ASD or know someone who might be a good fit? Visit our Career page to learn more about employment opportunities at ASD.

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