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21 ASD Employees Recognized With Extra Mile Award

When ASD moved from our old building to our current facility back in 2007, we knew how imperative it was to find an office we could grow into over time. It’s incredible to look back at that period over a decade ago and see how many of our employees have remained a part of the ASD family. The longevity of our staff is truly a testament to the supportive company culture we have worked hard to foster. At the same time, it has been quite inspiring for us to welcome so many new highly skilled and dedicated individuals into our employment. Though our company has grown exponentially over the past ten years, we have never lost that feeling of a small, family-owned company. We highly encourage staff interactions through collaborative projects, team building exercises, social activities, athletic competitions, volunteer events…you name it! This is because we want everyone at ASD to remain connected as we grow and evolve as a company.

In support of these efforts, in 2017 ASD introduced the “ASD Extra Mile Award” that gives our employees the opportunity to commend one another for a job well done. Last January, we announced the first 20 employees to win the ASD Extra Mile Award Every month, several of our employees are selected based on nominations submitted by their co-workers and featured in ASD’s monthly newsletter, The Team ASD Times. This award fosters positivity in the office and helps us to spotlight employees who go above and beyond to do a good job at ASD. Since this award was first introduced, employees in each one of ASD’s different departments have been featured. Our staff appreciates being able to recognize their fellow colleagues and the different ways they contribute positively to ASD.

We will be regularly sharing “ASD Extra Mile Award” Winners on our blog. Below are the most recent recipients of this distinguished honor.

Linda Haas

Manager – ASD’s Operations Team
Joined ASD in September 2001

“Linda is always willing to answer your questions and point you in the right direction. If you are interested in growing with in the company, she will encourage you, and if you ever need help or are looking to gain more knowledge to do your job, she is always there.”…“Linda is here late every shift. Although she maintains a near perfect attendance record, she is always willing to work with people who are going through hard times.”… “Linda makes the staff feel appreciated. She is smart, discreet and professional. She is willing to do whatever for the greater good. Witnessed her wear many hats over the years, call specialist, supervisor, janitor, technician and even referee. Back in Glenolden, she made sure life’s most difficult calls were answered even when there was a fire up in the attic!”… “Linda always makes sure she is available to us. She always takes the time and makes sure we have the tools and knowledge needed to most effectively do our job. She’s not afraid to “get her hands dirty” but she is extremely professional.”…”Linda does a wonderful job representing ASD at trade shows and making sure our clients know how valued they are.”… “Linda was very detailed and patient in her review of the new messaging system. It was very important that we completely understood the new system before coming out. She is patient and professional across the board to all levels of staff. It is truly a pleasure to work with her.”

Lauren Incardona

Assistant Supervisor – ASD’s Operations Team
Joined ASD in May 2017

“Lauren is always pleasant in operations, she is always willing to help out whether it be covering for someone who is running late or guiding new employees who are still trying to figure things out.”…“I have seen Lauren stay to help someone even when her shift has ended. Lauren has almost perfect attendance and is always eager to help with special projects. She is friendly to everyone at ASD.”… “Lauren recently became a call specialist trainer and is great at assisting new employees. Lauren also was out on maternity leave and had to come back to work after 6 weeks and she did it with a smile on her face. She is a model employee and it is wonderful having someone so positive in operations.”… “Lauren has no problem going the extra mile on anything! Whether it is helping a new trainee with a call or question about an account setup or doing projects for Operations—she is always there with a smile and ready to help.”…“Lauren’s recent promotion to Trainer Call Specialist benefits everyone – while calibrating our new staff she is always offering tips and tools to make things easier for that person. She is always welcoming new employees with a warm smile and continual offers of help. If she hears a newer c/s struggling she doesn’t hesitate to offer guidance.”… “Lauren is always pleasant, greets everyone she passes and her compassion make her perfect for what we do. Just an all around pleasure to have and wonderful addition to the ASD family.”

Mark Gilroy

Assistant Supervisor – ASD’s Operations Team
Joined ASD in September 2016

“Mark is a team player. He is always willing to help out whenever needed as an assistant supervisor and as a trainer. He is often complimented by new trainees for his approach to teaching.”…”Mark is a real asset to ASD. He has recently stepped up to help the training team with co-calibrations and on-going training. Mark has a great understanding of how the systems work and is fantastic when it comes to explaining them to new employees.”

Alena Pitts

Call Specialist– ASD’s Operations Team
Joined ASD in May 2017

“Alena always comes in with a sweet, kind and happy attitude. She is a true asset to Team ASD.”…“Alena is always willing to change her schedule to help cover busy times. She does this without hesitation to help us as a team.”… “Alena takes great calls and has an amazing capacity to be sympathetic.”…“Alena is a team player always willing to step in and help when needed. She is always willing to adjust her schedule to accommodate the needs of operations”…“Alena is always smiling, positive, and upbeat. Truly an ideal employee.”

Jennie Brown

Manager – ASD’s Operations Team
Joined ASD in July 2004

“Jennie consistently proves that having a great leader makes a wonderful team run like a well-oiled machine. She has truly been a great mentor who always puts her team of supervisors first.”…“Jennie genuinely wants to help us to succeed and proves it by making sure her team has everything they need. Her dedication and commitment to not only her team, but also the entire company is obvious throughout her career here at ASD.”

Heather DiEgidio

Training Specialist – ASD’s Operations Team
Joined ASD in November 2014

“When I first started at ASD, we still had one-on-one training and I primarily sat with Heather. She taught me the ins and outs of ASD and ensured I was comfortable and understood everything. She has such a knack for teaching people and helping others, it really seems to come natural to her.”…”Heather is always willing to help people out with questions they may have or with coverage.”…”She is always smiling and super nice to everyone.”…”I wouldn’t be where I am today at ASD if it wasn’t for Heather’s guidance. After becoming a trainer myself I definitely was more confident in teaching others thanks to her. I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from her and take her knowledge with me on my journey with ASD.”

Ric Cusumano

Director of Operations– ASD’s Operations Team
Joined ASD in January 1984

“Ric is always present in Operations and always goes out of his way to make sure new employees feel welcomed and current employees feel appreciated. He always makes himself available to teach and help Supervision and Call Specialists better understand their job duties”…”Ric has been instrumental in helping me to be the best employee I can by not only sharing his knowledge and experience with me, but also giving me encouragement along the way.”

Annie Finnegan

Call Specialist– ASD’s Operations Team
Joined ASD in February 2017

“Annie is always willing to take hours for those in need. She is a great call taker and is very personable on the phone.”…”Annie is really a team player who helps out her co-workers a lot. Our directors often compliment her calls and she gives detailed messages that are easy to relay when directors are returning a dial out.”…”Annie is a very dependable employee and willing to always offering a helping hand!”

Courtney Perry

Assistant Supervisor – ASD’s Operations Team
Joined ASD in July 2009

“Courtney has been with this company for a very long time and during that time has shown how much she cares. She has done multiple things to help keep up office morale and to boost camaraderie at ASD. From baking us goodies, to participating in volunteer events and planning dinners outside of work, she is an all-around positive influence on those around her.”…”Courtney creates a calendar and shares it with our co-workers Facebook page so everyone knows about important events at ASD. When helping PCS, she is always extremely eager to assist us and come up with any new ideas she feels could benefit the company.”…”Courtney is always doing little things to make sure your day is a little better. She baked those awesome “Graveyard” Cupcakes for Halloween for everyone & regularly goes to Dunkin on her break to bring back coffee for those of us who start dragging around 11am. These little acts of kindness go a long way to boost morale in the office.”

Sharon Batten

Manager – ASD’s Operations Team
Joined ASD in December 1990

“Sharon expresses positive motivation to all. She is extremely sincere, understanding and will always make time for us.”…“Sharon really treats everyone here like we are members of her family. You can always go to her with anything. She is very supportive of everyone here.”…“If we are having a not so good day, Sharon always manages to put a smile on and in your heart. She never acts annoyed when you ask questions, regardless how long you been employed with the company.”…“Sharon ALWAYS has a warm smile & shows compassion to everyone. She has inspired me ABOVE all else not to give up.”… “Sharon makes me feel needed & valued as an employee.”

Barbara Friskey

Training Specialist – ASD’s Operations Team
Joined ASD in August 2007

“Barbara does so much to help out her fellow co-workers. We are very lucky to have her!”… “She is always willing to help in picking up shifts and never expects anything in return.”…”Barbara has helped me out tremendously while my son was in the hospital or needed coverage while needed to go away. Even when she covers anyone and can’t do it, she’ll get someone to help you even if the shift wasn’t approved.”… “Barbara’s kindness and positive attitude make us all better.”…”Barbara is always such a sweetheart to everyone and is always smiling. She is a great trainer, co-worker and friend!”

TJ Hopson

Training Supervisor – ASD’s Human Resources Team
Joined ASD in June 2015

“TJ has reserved the right to get this award from the day he arrived at ASD. He has found his niche at ASD as a teacher, adviser, call specialist “coach” and always carries a positive attitude no matter what role he is playing.”… “TJ has always shown his ability to stay positive under any pressures he faces at ASD. His critical thinking and technological knowledge have made a lot of peoples jobs easier. You can tell he really loves what he does when it comes to working here. He is always smiling and happy to speak with anyone no matter what he is in the middle of doing. His positivity is contagious and makes you happy to be at work as well, which is so refreshing since he has a lot on his plate and works for Operations, Training, and Hiring.”… “Since becoming Training Supervisor and assisting with the hiring process, TJ has become a huge asset to the company. The training techniques implemented are key to ensuring our clients’ calls are handled with compassion and empathy while ensuring accurate messages are being relayed.”…“He has the most positive attitude and brings that light into the office. He is super patient when explaining things and always makes sure you fully understand.”…“TJ has demonstrated time and time again that he is eager to help others; from Call Specialist to Client Solutions Specialist and now Training Supervisor, TJ has proven that he is not afraid to try new things to help the business grow.”…“TJ’s Southern charm & demeanor make everyone feel like a part of the ASD family from the moment they walk in the door!”… “TJ has an attitude that lights up a room. He is always such a pleasure to be around, very enthusiastic and really takes his time making sure the people he is training truly understand the process he is explaining. He is committed to making sure that our new staff is comfortable and have the tools they need to succeed.”… “TJ is a true asset to ASD. Welcome in any department.”

Sherry Martin

Client Solutions Supervisor – ASD’s Account Solutions Team
Joined ASD in June 2009

“Sherry is one of the most technically-savvy person I know at ASD. She finds solutions to all kinds of issues. She is so smart, kind, caring & respected.”…“Sherry’s knowledge of ASD’s inner workings and ability to adapt immediately to just about any situation makes her a tremendous asset to this company. She has wonderful problem-solving abilities”… “Sherry exudes confidence and pride in her work and is eager to assist whenever needed. She is a very good Supervisor and it is a pleasure to work in her group.”…“Sherry has been a good friend and Supervisor to me for the last four years.”…“Sherry does a great job at conferences gaining leads and also assists PCS with information so that we can assist our clients immediately while she is still working at the conference. It is a great team.”

Sandy Gabriel

Supervisor – ASD’s Operations Team
Joined ASD in May 2001

“Sandy has been instrumental in my success since my transition to 3rd shift. While I had some initial bumps in the road with client concerns while I was adapting to the “all death calls, all the time” nature of 3rd shift, she never waivered in her support of me and made every effort to keep me steered in the right direction.”…“Sandy is just an awesome supervisor. She makes sure her team is well informed and confident on the job. Always ready to answer questions & re-educate.” …“Sandy regularly has a smile and gives a friendly greeting. She is very personable which is not easy working overnight.”…“Sandy’s 17 years with ASD is a testament within itself. She has a wealth of skills & abilities with regards to communicating with clients, the systems that we use in our day-to-day work as well as making herself very much approachable to all staff.”

Brad Huczko

Assistant Supervisor – ASD’s Operations Team
Joined ASD in September 2014

“As an Assistant Supervisor and Trainer, Brad utilizes the knowledge he has acquired to help Call Specialists become more comfortable doing their job.”…“Brad is always willing to go above and beyond to help anyone with questions. He often changes his schedule to whatever fits our needs and never hesitates to put in for extra hours, both taking calls or assisting Supervision.”… “By assisting with training, Brad has given trainees more confidence in knowing they can do the job & do it well.”

Carla Jones

Finance Administrative Assistant – ASD’s Finance Team
Joined ASD in October 1997

“Carla is always willing to help with any ASD event. She is a wonderful team player. Anytime I have needed help with billing or team events she has not hesitated to assist me.”…“Carla is very knowledgeable about ASD and the billing department.”…“Carla started at ASD as an “obit girl” and worked her way up to the billing department. We miss seeing her in operations!”…“Carla is always nice and courtesy to the staff. She is a very hard worker and always goes the extra mile. She never complains when you ask her to assist you with a project or help you in any way.”

Richard Reese

Assistant Supervisor – ASD’s Operations Team
Joined ASD in April 2016

“Richard is pleasant, patient and kind when helping Call Specialists who need advice on how to handle calls. He is professional and pleasant with clients and has an excellent eye for details that others miss when researching client issues.”…“Since moving to third shift, Richard has become an integral part of our team. He is flexible with his in-house schedule to help assist while people are on vacation.”…“Both coworkers and the clients have complimented Richard on his exemplary performance. His manner and professionalism have had a positive impact on ASD.”

Rose Groover

Client Solutions Specialist – ASD’s Account Solutions Team
Joined ASD in September 2004

“Rose’s calming voice puts our clients at ease. She always has an ear to listen to her co-workers and offer sage advice along with a piece of chocolate”…“Rose has the patience of a saint when explaining how to use our service and technology to our new clients. She is so skilled at connecting with people.”…“Rosie has a knack for making you feel warm and fuzzy inside no matter what you are talking about with her.”

Susan Daleandro

Strategic Account Manager – ASD’s Sales Team
Joined ASD in July 1994

“Susan (SUD) is constantly traveling all over the country to meet with existing and prospective clients. She’s a great person to have around the office because she’s always able to make the whole room burst into laughter.”… “I have had the pleasure of working with SUD for over 15 years and from day one she has been an amazing person to work with and to just be around. Back when she was a Supervisor, SUD made all of our new employees feel at ease with her easygoing nature and awesome sense of humor. So, its no surprise that she’s also excellent at making prospective funeral homes feel at ease about using ASD’s service.”… “SUD’s always willing to help talk through issues and come up with creative solutions to help make things fit the client’s vision. She is also always willing to bring [her puppies] Kami & Kodi in for a little morale boost when we need it.”… “SUD has truly shined in every role she’s had with ASD because she inspires confidence and brings out the best in everyone she meets.”

Lauren Fisher

Supervisor – ASD’s Operations Team
Joined ASD in May 2001

“Lauren deserves to win the ASD Extra Mile Award because she is hardworking, dedicated, and loyal. She is so knowledgeable with the ASD system and the way things work. She goes above and beyond helping Call Specialists when they have a problem.”… “Lauren is always cheerful and in a good mood. She goes the extra mile to be helpful and provide assistance to our staff. She is always willing to help out!”…“When I was training for an Assistant Supervisor position, Lauren patiently helped me with all of my questions and thoroughly showed me how to solve them. She’s a great person inside and outside of work. She definitely deserves this award!!”

David Rushton

Training Specialist – ASD’s Operations Team
Joined ASD in August 2016

“Dave is the embodiment of the ASD Extra Mile Award! He is always willing to come in to work on his home days to help with training or even to stay late. He will never turn down a question and is always very welcoming and approachable.”… “Dave is always eager to learn and grow and is vital to the ASD team! Every trainee he sits with has an enjoyable experience and appreciates his thorough and knowledgeable explanations.”… “Dave cares deeply about ASD and being apart of the team. He does more ASD events then almost anyone I’ve seen. He is a loyal and true friend to his co-workers both inside and outside of the office.”

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