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2019 NFDA Convention Guide: The Lowdown on Chi-Town

Oct 15, 2019

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! For funeral service professionals, there is just nothing else like the delicious anticipation that arrives every year before the National Funeral Directors Association Convention. This annual event represents the world’s largest crossroads of experts, influencers, and thought leaders in the funeral profession. Once again, we are here to provide you with a definitive guide to the convention seminars, events, attractions…and all that jazz!

Sarah Bernhardt once described the city of Chicago as “the pulse of America,”—a fitting description for this year’s host city, as we tend to think of the NFDA Convention as the pulse of the funeral service profession. ASD is proud to be an official sponsor of the NFDA Convention and Expo because we understand how vital it is to bring funeral professionals from around the world together to interact and share ideas. It is a truly special week combining fun and sightseeing with enlightening educational sessions and networking opportunities. As the days pass by, our excitement for the 2019 convention in Chicago grows stronger.

With a fantastic lineup of expert speakers, an incredible schedule of unforgettable events and a vibrant host city serving as the backdrop, we know this year will not disappoint. We’re here to help you prepare for your trip to make the most of your time in the Windy City. Explore our list below and please share in the comments what you are most looking forward to this year.

Your Ultimate Guide to the 2019 NFDA Convention

Explore the latest funeral trends and innovations in the Expo Hall

When conducting research on Chicago for this guide, I stumbled upon this delightful quote from American sculptor, Claes Oldenburg. The quote goes, “Chicago has a strange metaphysical elegance of death about it.” I kept coming back to those words elegance of death and couldn’t help but marvel over how they so perfectly describe what one encounters when walking through the Expo of the NFDA Convention.Every funeral-related product, service or niche idea you can think of has a place in the sprawling convention hall; a room brimming with people whose sole drive is to help funeral directors serve families and provide an experience that demonstrates the elegance of death.

With over 300 exhibitors in attendance, the NFDA Expo Hall is the ideal place to learn about all of the latest funeral home products and services. Strolling through the tradeshow floor, you can load up on free gifts, enter to win exciting prizes and discover the latest innovations created for the funeral profession. The Expo Hall Ribbon Cutting will take place at 12p on Monday, October 28th and the tradeshow floor will remain open until 5p that evening. The Expo Hall will also be open Tuesday, October 29th from 12-5p and Wednesday, October 30th from 9a-12p.

While you’re exploring the NFDA Expo Hall, we hope you’ll take some time to visit with the ASD Team at Booth #1260. The convention gives us the opportunity to demonstrate ASD’s commitment to serving each and every one of our funeral home clients with the highest level of customized service. We will often take notes from directors at our booth and inquire if there is anything we can do to make their lives a little easier when they return home. With high-speed computers located at our booth, we can even make account updates right on the convention floor and show our clients all the different ways they are free to customize their account preferences.

ASD’s Technical Analysts, Kristine Soderland and Will Chicola will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have about our technical solutions. ASD’s booth includes a large television monitor connected to an iPhone, allowing funeral directors to see our ASD Mobile app in action. Throughout the convention, our technical experts will be holding live, interactive demonstrations of our NFDA award-winning ASD Mobile app and other technologies we’ve created to make life more convenient for directors. This year, we’ll be showing funeral directors how our new MobileFH® Texting can make life so much simpler for on-call funeral directors when communicating via text message.

MobileFH Texting®

Now available for both iPhone and Android, MobileFH® Texting resolves many communication problems for on-call directors by allowing you to send and receive text messages on your cell phone using your funeral home’s business phone number as the sending number. By introducing this innovative technology to text messaging, ASD has made it even easier for on-call funeral directors to be responsive to families without sacrificing their privacy. During the convention, Will and Kristy will be demoing MobileFH® Texting feature and showing all of the different on-call challenges it can eliminate. You can watch the video below to learn more about this exciting new ASD exclusive feature.

Don’t Miss Our Lego Embalming Room

Of course, one of the most exciting things you’ll find at ASD’s booth this year (or anywhere in the Expo, for that matter) is our brand-new Lego Embalming Room set that has recently gone viral on ASD’s social media. The new set is our most detailed one to date and includes an embalmer minifig, two cadaver minifigs (including one inside the morgue drawer!), a Porti-Boy machine, embalming chemicals, tools, cosmetics, eye wash station and dozens of other distinctive features to make this set truly unique.

Enter to win ASD’s new Lego Embalming Room Set at Booth #1260

We will be picking a raffle winner every day of the convention and will also have our Lego Funeral Service, Lego Cemetery Set and Lego Hearse sets on a display. The raffle winners will have their choice of ASD’s four exclusive funeral-themed Lego Sets.

For those who are unable to attend NFDA this year but are hoping to get their hands on one of our exclusive Lego sets, you’re in luck! ASD will be doing a special online raffle contest during the convention for those unable to attend. This year’s theme will be a Fall Photo Contest so start brainstorming what photo you can share that will show us how you and your funeral home staff celebrate Halloween and the Fall season. The contest will run from Monday, October 28th-Wednesday, October 30th on ASD’s Facebook page.

Paws for Pause

Even though we want to spend as much time with everyone as possible during the NFDA Convention Expo, we can totally get behind an indoor tailgating experience…especially when the dogs are invited! Head to the Tailgate Exchange section of the Expo Hall on Monday, October 28 at 1:30p for the Paws for Pause Therapy Dog Session to meet some adorable therapy dogs and learn about the comfort they can provide to grieving family members. Or if you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious at any point during the expo, head over to the Pause for Paws booth (#1846) where both puppies and adult dogs will be on hand to help you relax! We had a great time meeting some of their dogs last year and absolutely love this new addition to the NFDA Convention.

Sip Cocktails 80 Feet Above the City

As a Thank You to all of our clients for helping us win the 2018 NFDA Members’ Choice Award (formally known as the Innovation Award), ASD will be hosting our 4th Innovation Appreciation Celebration Client Cocktail Party during the 2019 NFDA Convention. The party will take place on Monday, October 28th from 6:30 to 8:30p at The Mid-America Club in downtown Chicago. Located on the 80th floor of the AON building, The Mid-America Club is the only club in Chicago with a panoramic view of the city’s distinctive skyline. The club overlooks many of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

From the elegant Burnham Ballroom, featuring unrivaled views of Millennium Park and Buckingham Fountain; to the casual yet refined Grill Room, overlooking Lake Michigan; and the sophisticated Wine Library, offering incredible sunset panoramas, The Mid-America Club provides a cocktail party atmosphere like no other. We hope you’ll join us on top of the town for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres while enjoying spectacular views of the sun setting over the city skyline.

Learn from Convention Speakers about Timely Issues Impacting Our Profession

Every year, NFDA Convention attendees fill the convention seminar rooms and auditoriums to hear thought leaders discuss the latest issues impacting the funeral service profession. The NFDA has done a superb job of finding knowledgeable experts to address funeral professionals on a wide range of topics. From business operations, to professional skills, to legal considerations, each session explores a different aspect of working in funeral service.

This year’s full lineup of seminars, workshops and conversation cafes include many timely and highly relevant subjects. While it was difficult to narrow it down, below are a few of the speakers and subjects that stood out to us as can’t-miss convention sessions. It’s important to remember there may be a specific topic not on this list that would be especially beneficial for your funeral home. Be sure to check the NFDA’s full lineup of educational sessions to decide what subjects would be most valuable for you and your funeral home staff.

Case Study: Opening a Grief Counseling Center
Speaker: Cristian Arbelaez Alvarez (Psychologist, San Vicente Funeral Home)
Time: Sun, October 27th, 11:30a-12:30p

When families need help coping with a recent loss, they will often turn to funeral homes for resources and recommendations. There are many different approaches funeral directors can take to offer bereaved families grief support. While some partner with local therapy centers, others employ their own grief counselors. Everyone grieves differently and understanding all the different ways a funeral home can offer support is crucial. In this session, Cristian Arbelaez Alvarez of San Vincente Funeral Home will explore what is involved with a funeral home opening its own grief counseling center.

What the Public Won’t Tell You…But the Hairdresser Might
Speaker: Wallace Hooker (MBIE, CFSP,Family & Friends Funeral Home, Inc.)
Time: Sun, October 27th, 2:30p-4p

Consider your funeral home’s day-to-day operations. Assume that every single action that is taken at your funeral home, or by your funeral home staff, is being broadcast for an audience. Is there any aspect of your business that you would not want the public to see? In this illuminating session, Wallace Hooker of Family & Friends Funeral Home in Wingate, IN will discuss how funeral home owners can remain vigilant of how their firm is perceived by the public and protect their funeral home’s reputation.

Mortuary Mission: Dover’s Silent History
Speakers: Lt. Col Brooks A. Wilkerson, Oral A Cronin
Time: Mon, October 28th, 7:30a-8:30a

In 2012, I stumbled upon the book “And Then I Cried: Stories of a Mortuary NCO” by Justin Jordan. The memoirwas truly an eye-opener. It explored the overlooked work of Mortuary Affairs Officers in the military, describing the often-shocking state of those killed in battle as well as the anguish officials experience dealing with families of the fallen. It was a difficult book to read, but one I felt that every American should. At this year’s NFDA Convention, attendees will have an opportunity to learn about this subject from members of the Air Force Mortuary Affairs Operations who will discuss the procedures for the care and disposition of deceased personnel. The session will touch on many important topics, including traumatic stress response management and how the Mortuary Affairs Operations Team coordinates with funeral homes.

Permission to Grieve
Speaker:Sara Murphy (Ph.D., Certified Thanatologist, College of Nursing, University of Rhode Island)
Time:Mon, October 28th, 7:30a-9:30a

“The only person who gets to decide what grief looks like is the person experiencing it.”-Megan Devine.

It is astounding just how many people feel like others are trying to take their grief away from them. You don’t have to look far to see it – just look at the number of people who follow grief writer, Megan Devine, whose writing has done a great deal to challenge conventional wisdom about grief. Disenfranchised grief is a major issue that is coming to the forefront of many discussions as more and more people realize the way we as a culture address grief is broken. This NFDA session will help funeral directors to better support families who are struggling with disenfranchised grief. It will explore the importance of using the right language when speaking with those dealing with invalidated losses, such as suicide, homicide or substance use related deaths.

Creating Memorable Experiences Inside Your Funeral Home
Speakers: Georganna Bender and Richard Kizer (Partners, Kizer and Bender Speaking!)
Time: Tues, October 29th, 7:30a-9:30a

Learn from renowned consumer anthropologists, Rich Kizer and Georganna Bender, about how to create a positive impression for families entering your funeral home for the first time. This session will explore how funeral professionals can foster positive and memorable interactions with consumers. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of how impressions of their funeral home are formed and strategies that can be used to build a unique consumer experience.

Hospice is Where the Heart Is
Speakers: Greg Grabowski (Partner, Hospice Advisors), Lacy Robinson (Director of Membership Development, NFDA)
Time: Tues, October 29th, 9:45a-10:45a

At ASD, we take many calls from family and friends wanting to know when a funeral is scheduled. We also take a great deal of these calls from nurses who want to attend their patient’s services. Healthcare workers build strong relationships with their patients and their patients’ family members. This is especially true for homecare and hospice workers who often see the same patients over a long period of time. For funeral professionals, working closely with nurses and other medical professionals can help families to feel more comfortable leaving their loved one in the funeral home’s care. This session will explore how funeral homes can build partnerships within the medical community to help bridge the divide between healthcare and death care to make this transition more seamless for grieving families.

Defusing Conflict in the Arrangement Conference: Strategies From Family Therapists
Speaker: Jason Troyer (Ph.D., Founder, Mount Hope Grief Services)
Time: Wed, October 30th, 8a-9a

Funeral directors are tasked with assisting families who are often reacting to events with extreme emotions. Family members will sometimes disagree over how a loved one’s services should be handled, and funeral directors are then forced to step in and mediate when this occurs. A dispute among relatives can delay services and make a painful situation even more difficult for family members. In this session, Dr. Jason Troyer will explain how funeral directors can ease conflict and help families compromise in the arrangement conference. The class will focus on how to decipher challenging family dynamics to work towards a peaceful resolution.

Therapy From Man’s Best Friend
Speakers: Mark Krause (Owner, Krause Funeral Homes) and Bennie Krause (Certified Grief Therapy Dog)
Time: Wed, October 30th, 8a-9a

Don’t miss this pawsome session on the benefits of funeral home therapy dogs. Funeral Director, Mark Krause, and his pup, Benny, will examine the healing effects of therapy dogs for those who are suffering. Mark will explore the history of using dogs for comfort and explain the different types of service dogs. Attendees will leave with an understanding of what is involved with bringing a dog into the funeral home as well as resources that can be used for the adoption and training of therapy dogs.

Enjoy Fellowship Opportunities at NFDA Events

Welcome Party
Sun, October 27th, 6:30p-8:30p

Celebrate all things Chicago and reconnect with old friends at this year’s kickoff party taking place on Chicago’s famous Navy Pier. Grab a slice of the city’s famous deep-dish pizza before hitting the dance floor to enjoy the Blooze Brothers, Chicago’s most requested tribute band.

The ASD Team enjoying last year’s NFDA Welcome Party

Opening General Session

Monday, October 28th, 9:45a-11:45a

The Opening General Session marks the official start to the NFDA Convention and celebrates the achievements of the NFDA over the year. It’s always enlightening to hear our NFDA leaders discuss recent developments and detail the progress of the association’s latest initiatives like the Youth and Funerals program and We can’t wait to find out which one of our fellow vendors will be recognized with this year’s NFDA Innovation Award, a truly incredible honor that we are proud to share. This year’s keynote speaker, Seth Godin, also has the funeral profession buzzing. We’re looking forward to hearing the bestselling author explain how to tell stories that resonate in an age where everyone is distracted by so much noise.

All-Star Recognition Ceremony
Monday, October 28th, 4:30p-5:30p

Celebrate the achievements of your colleagues! This event recognizes funeral professionals who demonstrated excellent service or achieved advanced certifications from the NFDA. Congratulations to all of our amazing clients who were recognized with the Pursuit of Excellence Award this year! Thank you for all you do to support and help families. Special shout out to our clients at E. Blake Collins Funeral Homein Wilkes Barre, PA and Waitt Funeral Home & Cremation Servicein Morganville, NJ on being inducted into the Hall of Excellence this year!

Service of Remembrance

Tuesday, October 29, 11a-12p

Honor the memory and legacy of funeral professionals we have lost this year at the annual Service of Remembrance. This year’s service will also explore how public servants are memorialized. The ceremony will feature the customs and rituals associated with celebrating the lives of public servants.

Closing Party: An Evening Under the Sea
Wednesday, October 30th, 6p-9p

You can explore the wonders of the ocean while enjoying delicious cocktails, fine food and good company at this year’s NFDA Closing Party. No scuba gear is required to enjoy this exclusive party taking place within the galleries of the Shedd Aquarium (1200 Lake Shore Dr). The party begins within the breathtaking Underwater Beauty exhibit before moving to the Caribbean Reef and aquarium galleries for dinner.

The Lowdown on Chi-Town

Cruise through Stunning Architecture

One of the best ways to experience Chicago and all of its magnificent architecture is to board a river cruise boat. These tours are offered by multiple sightseeing companies several times an hour with many different themes. You can book a tour in advance or hop on one along the Riverwalk’s lush 1.25-mile pedestrian pathway, which runs from Lake Shore Drive to Lake Street.

Arguably the best river tour is the architecture theme which gives you a clear view of more than 40 listed landmarks. You’ll learn about the fascinating history of some of Chicago’s most recognizable buildings as the boat moves through the river to the canal. You’ll also have an opportunity to see the canal gates open as the tour moves from the river to Lake Michigan, passing by the famed Chicago Harbor Lighthouse, and then enjoy stunning views of the city skyline. We recommend timing your river cruise around sunset so you can see the sunlight hitting the buildings, watch the sky change colors and take in a view of the city at night.

Here are a few of the stunning photos we captured while taking the Chicago Architecture Tour.

Explore (as much as you can of) Grant Park

Chicago’s prime open space deserves its own guide for the sheer number of landmarks and attractions within its boundaries. Nicknamed “Chicago’s Front Yard”, Grant Park (337 E Randolph St) is situated along Lake Michigan and houses many of the city’s iconic landmarks. Below are just a few of the sights you can enjoy.

  • Millennium Park Campus– Nature meets public art in the 24-acre Millennium Park (201 E Randolph St). Located in the northwestern section of Grant Park, Millennium Park is the number one tourist attraction in the Midwestern United States and is considered by many to be heart of Chicago. It features the famous Cloud Gate sculpture better known as The Bean, a glimmering archway that distorts reflections and provides the ideal backdrop for taking your best Chicago trip selfies. In addition to Cloud Gate, there are many other public art installations within the park boundaries, including the interactive Crown Fountain video sculpture, rotating outdoor exhibits at The Boeing Galleries, and the stainless-steel canopy over the great lawn at Jay Pritzker Pavilion. For those looking to get in touch with nature, you’ll love the colorful and tranquil benched walkways winding through Lurie Garden on the southern end of the park.

  • Maggie Daley Park– Remember when you were a child, how you would try to imagine what the perfect park and jungle gym would look like? Maggie Daley Park (337 E Randolph St) IS that park. If you are attending NFDA with your children this year, you won’t want to miss stopping by this 20-acre lakeside oasis located on the other side of the BP Pedestrian Bridge. The Play Garden will delight and captivate the imagination of children with its upside-down trees, climbing towers, mirrored maze, and play boats. Each play area is divided into four age groups that are connected via the Enchanted Forest, a huge network of trails and play zones that encourage imaginative outdoor play and sensory exploration. Beyond the play area, kids can also enjoy a rock-climbing wall, skating rink and mini golf course.

  • Buckingham Fountain: Dedicated to the city of Chicago as a gift in 1927, the Buckingham Fountain (301 S Columbus Dr) is one of the largest fountains in the world. This extravagant landmark is composed of Georgia pink marble and was modeled after a fountain in Versailles. Don’t miss stopping by to see this impressive centerpiece of Chicago. Every hour, Buckingham Fountain puts on a dazzling light and water display which shoots jets up to 150 feet into the air.

  • The Art Institute of Chicago – Art enthusiasts will be blown away by such an extensive collection of impressionist and post-impressionist paintings found at the Art Institute of Chicago (111 S Michigan Ave). You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Paris as you gaze at works created by Monet, Cezanne, Renoir and van Gogh that are sure to fill you with wonder.

  • Field Museum of Natural History – One of the largest natural history museums in the world, the Field Museum (1400 S Lake Shore Drive) houses more than 24 million objects, including ancient fossils, precious gemstones and rare animal and plant specimens. Among its most famous inhabitants are Sue, the world’s most complete T. rex, and Maximo the Titanosaur, the largest creature ever to roam the earth.

  • Soldier Field– Visit the stadium the Chicago Bears have called home since 1924. Group tours of Soldier Field (1410 Museum Campus Dr) are offered M-F, 9a-4:30p.

Discover Navy Pier’s Many Treasures

No trip to Chicago is complete without a visit to the iconic Navy Pier. Extending over Lake Michigan for 6 city blocks, the pier is a mecca for entertainment, featuring rides, pop up events, fireworks, games, shopping and more. You can test your navigational skills in the 4,000 square foot, multi-sensory funhouse maze, hop on one of the many boat tours that depart from Navy Pier, ride the famous Ferris wheel, catch an IMAX movie or unwind in the beer garden. There is truly something for everyone! Best of all, the pier offers some of the best views of the Chicago skyline and Lake Michigan. This year’s NFDA Welcome Party will take place at the Navy Pier AON Grand Ballroom (840 E Grand Ave) on Sunday, October 27th, 6:30p-8:30p.

Taste Chicago’s Unique and Delectable Fare

Named “Best Restaurant City” in America by Bon Appetit Magazine, Chicago’s culinary scene is truly legendary. While it may be famous for its mouth-watering Deep-Dish Pizza, Chicago’s food scene offers a plethora of delicious options.

Craving the good stuff? It’s a known fact that Giordano’s serves up the very best Chicago Deep Dish Pizza in the city. With several locations on the Chicago Loop, you won’t have to venture too far get that scrumptious slice you’ve been craving.

  1. Downtown:130 E Randolph Street
  2. South Loop:1340 Michigan Ave
  3. West Loop: 223 W Jackson Blvd
  4. Navy Pier:700 E Grand Ave

Want to dine like a baller? Head to Michael Jordan’s Steak House (505 N Michigan Ave) which was founded by legendary basketball player, Michael Jordan, in 1993. The steakhouse has become a national chain and its original location on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile is well-known for offering patrons classic entrees and a refined dining experience. Favorites on the menu include MJ’s Delmonico steak and the famous 23-layer chocolate cake.

Feeling Nostalgic? Travel back in time at The Berghoff (17 W. Adams St) and experience its famously authentic German cuisine. With a legacy dating back to 1870, The Berghoff is a restaurant every true history buff should visit. For over a century, it has remained 100% family-owned and operated, a legacy that funeral directors can certainly appreciate. Largely considered to be the best German restaurant in Chicago for more than 100 years, the menu includes traditional fare such as Jager Schnitzel, Game Sausage, and roasted duck. Save room for dessert so you can try the deliciously authentic Black Forest Cake or Apple Strudel.

Hungry for hazelnuts? Spread it on thick at the world’s first Nutella Café (189 Michigan Ave) where you can enjoy baked goods, desserts, salads and sandwiches drizzled with Nutella hazelnut spread.

Boar-d of the same old thing? You’ll be in pork paradise at the Purple Pig (444 Michigan Ave) which delights diners with its uniquely inspired dishes, bold flavors and famous small plates that earned the restaurant its Michelin Star. With a range of specialties on its evolving menu, such as the milk-braised Berkshire shoulder and Ricotta Gnocchi with Pork Neckbone Gravy, your taste buds will thank you for visiting this popular Chicago hotspot. (Please note, there is often a waiting list to be seated. Trust us, the wait is worth it! Be sure to arrive early so you can get your name on the list).

Can’t decide what you’re in the mood for? You and your group will have plenty of options to choose from at the Revival Food Hall (125 S Clark St) which offers diners 16 food vendors to choose from. Enjoy a Hawaiian Style poke bowl at Aloha Poke Co, savor a satisfying bowl of homemade ramen at The Furious Spoon or feast on house-smoked meats at Smoque BBQ. With so many options, you definitely won’t leave this food marketplace hungry.

Unwind on the River Walk

Chicago is the 6thmost walkable city in the United States thanks to the careful organization of city planners who wanted to make Chicago friendly to pedestrians.One of the city’s star attractions is the picturesque River Walk that offers a stunning blend of natural and urban beauty. From cocktail bars to ice cream shops, both families and the nightlife crowd will enjoy everything it has to offer. You can enjoy a meal, hop on a boat tour, cast a fishing line, see the floating wetland gardens, enjoy head turning works of public art or just take a nice leisurely stroll.

Enjoy a Night Out on the Town

There are an abundance of fun and lively bars, restaurants and night clubs in downtown Chicago, ensuring that convention attendees will not have to venture far to find the perfect nightlife destination to enjoy the evening. Chicago is known for its impressive number of rooftop bars. A good portion of them are located along the Chicago Loop. Enjoy the sweeping views of the skyline and river from the sophisticated LH Rooftop (85 East Wacker Ave) which offers both indoor seating and an outdoor terrace. For those that prefer a more bumping night club scene, check out Roof on theWit (201 N. State St.) on the 27th floor of theWit Hotel. If you’re hoping to capture that perfect Instagram shot, you’ll want to visit Cindy’s (12 S Michigan Ave) which offers some of the best rooftop views of Millennium Park.

Nothing heightens a night out like a little friendly competition and Chicago offers an abundance of options. Head to The Game Room (12 S Michigan Ave) for an awesome selection of fun bar games likes pool, bocce, foosball and cards. Or, grab a paddle and try your luck at a game of Ping Pong over at Acebounce Ping Pong Bar (230 N. Clark Street). Acebounce will host this year’s Funeral Directors Under 40 Party on Tuesday, October 29thfrom 8-11p. For those that prefer a more Dave and Buster’s vibe, head to For the Win Chicago (322 E Illinois St.) where you’ll find more than 100 arcade games including air hockey, skee ball, and pinball.

Enjoy a little history with your libations? Look no further than Monk’s Pub (205 W. Lake Street), an Old-World style bar that has been serving Chicagoans for more than 50 years. The building’s façade resembles a 19th century European inn while the interior pays homage to history with vintage books, stained glass chandeliers, wooden barrels and other antique décor that will make you feel transported to an earlier time period.

Visit the Iconic Wrigley Field

History and baseball fans alike will appreciate a visit to the iconic Wrigley Field (1060 W Addison St.) Built in 1914, Wrigley Field is the second-oldest MLB ballpark in the United States. Visitors cannot help but fall prey to nostalgia while taking in the field’s beloved ivy wall, manual scoreboard and stadium bleachers. Perhaps the biggest nod to the baseball’s golden age is the location of Wrigley Field. About a 15-minute drive from downtown Chicago, the stadium is situated in the middle of a residential neighborhood on Chicago’s north side. (Please note, there are no car parks around Wrigley Field so be sure to research parking in advance or take an Uber).

ASD would like to wish everyone safe and happy travels as you journey to the Midwest for the 2019 NFDA Convention. Be sure to leave a comment for us if there are any events, CE classes or attractions in Chicago you would recommend that we may have missed. We would love to add more to this guide!

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