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18 ASD Employees Share Why They Find Their Careers Rewarding

Feb 15, 2015

Author Betty Bender wrote, “When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home.” At ASD, this statement could not apply more as so much of our work is centered around compassion and helping others. Because of this, we believe that creating a positive work environment for employees is key to the success of our business.

As a family-owned company, we understand that reliable employees are not replaceable. Our team is comprised of experienced staff who have worked at ASD for an average of six years. This blog will often feature stories about ASD’s advanced technology and patented tools. However, we recognize that it is our employees first and foremost that allow ASD to excel. Their expertise and skills have helped us to grow and evolve into the company we are today.

We asked our employees what they found most rewarding about working for ASD. Here are their answers:

  1. “One of the things I like best about my job is helping people. In my position, I am always assisting someone whether it be a caller needing to speak to a director, a call specialist with a question about an account or a client who needs an account update or assistance with our website.”– Technical Analyst, Kristine Soderland. ASD Employee since 2005.
  2. “I’ve learned a great deal from our clients. They are wonderful to work for and are extensions of our families too. At the end of the day you go home and feel as though you made a difference.”- Senior Call Specialist, Helene Schulthesis. ASD Employee since 1997
  3. ASD, of course, helps hone my communication skills and patience, but it also challenges me both cognitively and emotionally every day as every call and caller is different.”- Customer Solutions Specialist, Shane Toogood. ASD Employee since 2008.
  4. “I have worked for a lot of companies and ASD is the best. There is so much positive reinforcement and it makes you strive to do your best. Being recognized for hard work is a reward itself.” – Operations Supervisor, Rachel Keys-Taylor. ASD Employee since 2010.
  5. “ASD has given me a strong understanding of the funeral profession, a career I whole-heartedly enjoy and incredible friendships which I have learned can develop in places you least expect it. I have grown up while working at ASD and feel so grateful for the friendships I have developed during that time.” – Project Director, Lauren Kress. ASD Employee since 2002.
  6. “I have gained an enormous respect for the individuals in the Funeral Service profession.” –Operations Supervisor, Will Chicola. ASD Employee since 2008.
  7. “I like communicating with people—whether it is the staff, my peers or our clients. We are our own little family here—relying on, helping and encouraging each other any way we can. Just recently I have begun attending funeral director conventions and, after 19 years at ASD, it is wonderful to be able to meet our clients face to face.”– Operations Supervisor, Sue Norbeck. ASD Employee since 1994.
  8. “As a licensed funeral director, working at ASD has been extremely rewarding for me because of the opportunity it provides to meet and interact with so many fellow funeral directors.” –National Sales Manager and LFD, Jason Bathurst. ASD Employee since 2009.
  9. “I enjoy what I do and I love working with the great staff we have at ASD. We have the privilege of using the treadmill and stationary bike while we work. ASD has also created new opportunities for promotion. Many new applications and software updates have been installed to help the staff here at ASD perform their job efficiently and effectively.” – Training Specialist, Myrna Russi. ASD Employee since 2006.
  10. “Our company has stayed on the cutting edge of technology and this has really helped us to expand. We continue to grow and learn more every day. I also really appreciate all of the efforts our company has made to reward good attendance.” – Customer Solutions Specialist, Rose Groover. ASD Employee since 2004.
  11. “At ASD, I feel that I impact or make a difference in peoples’ lives, whether it be for my efficiency of screening the call and relaying a message for them or for handling their inbound report of a loved one’s death. There’s no better feeling than speaking to someone coming on the line sobbing over the loss of a family member and ending the call with them sounding grounded and prepared to speak with the funeral director.” – Operations Supervisor, Julian Bates. ASD Employee since 2010.
  12. “I love that my hours are flexible and allow me to be available to my three kids. I also love that we are a big family here and we all really care about one another.” – Training Specialist, Christa Hunter. ASD Employee since 2007.
  13. “The most rewarding thing about my job is that I get to help people and that I do what I love. I know it may sound cheesy but I really do love my job. Throughout my shift I am helping Call Specialists, Funeral Directors and callers and it feels good to know I am making a difference.” – Operations Supervisor, Anne O’Reilly. ASD Employee since 2008.
  14. “Whether training new employees, assisting callers who just experienced a loss or speaking to clients during proactive customer service calls, it is rewarding to know that you are helping people on a daily basis.”-Customer Solutions Specialist, Sherry Martin. ASD Employee since 2009.
  15. “Because I relocated to the Delaware Valley after military service and don’t have family in the area, ASD has become my 2nd family. The Call Specialists, Supervisors and Management team here are all my favorite part of the job.” –Operations Supervisor, Diego Meneses. ASD Employee since 2013.
  16. “ASD has continually changed during my time here. I have seen the company utilize available technology and in-house talent to improve work conditions for employees, while at the same time giving us tools that help us improve servicing clients and callers alike.” – Senior Call Specialist, Darlene Adorno. ASD Employee since 2007.
  17. “For me, the most rewarding part about working at ASD is that I haven’t only developed a relationship with my coworkers, but I have gained a second family.” – Customer Solutions Specialist, Sue Fritz. ASD Employee since 2002.
  18. “I’ve learned so much about teamwork and customer service from ASD. I’ve learned the value of hard work and dedication and how it can get you to where you want to be in life.”-Operations Supervisor, Andrew Troutt. ASD Employee since 2012.

Interested in working at ASD or know someone who might be a good fit? Visit our Career page to learn more about employment opportunities at ASD.

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