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10 Amazing Funeral Home Gardens We Love

When visitors arrive at a funeral home, whether to plan a service or to attend one, it is unlikely that the funeral home garden will immediately capture their attention. A person walking up to a funeral home is understandably very distracted by their thoughts and may not notice outdoor features on their walk from the parking lot to the front door. Yet, you would be hard pressed to find a funeral home in America that has not endeavored to create an inviting outdoor space.

Funeral professionals devote a great deal of time and attention landscaping their property because they understand that no detail is too small when it comes to serving families. Furthermore, the work of a funeral director is a constant reminder of the precious and impermanent nature of life, and the same can be said about the act of gardening. Funeral directors who love gardening gain an enlightened perspective on the cycle of death and rebirth. Both a life cut short too soon and a carelessly plucked flower invite one to reflect on how fragile and valuable every moment is. As Robert Frost famously wrote, “nothing gold can stay.”

What does a funeral home garden look like? The answers are as unique and distinct as every life memorialized within the walls
of each building. From sprawling trees with colorful blossoms to manicured flowerbeds, there are so many stunning examples of unique funeral home landscaping. We asked our clients to share their horticultural talents with us and were amazed
by some of the incredible photos that were shared.

Here are 10 Amazing Funeral Home Gardens to Inspire Your Landscaping

1. Bradley Funeral Home in Marlton, NJ

The beautiful and colorful floral display adorning the outside of Bradley Funeral Home in Marlton, NJ. What a gorgeous garden! Thanks to Funeral Director, Jill Bradley Ingram for sharing with us.

“Love our flowers, love Springtime and love ASD!”-Jill Bradley Ingram.

2. Traunero Funeral Home in Tiffin, OH

The impressive and vibrant gardens, plants and flowers growing at Traunero Funeral Home and Crematory in Tiffin, OH. A true horticultural mecca! We just love all of the rich colors and different varieties of flowers. The attention to detail is impeccable and truly unique. Thanks to Richard Traunero for sharing these photos with us.

“We have always maintained a colorful, and plentiful, flower display/landscaping at our funeral home. We have assorted pots, perennials, and annuals, as well as four birdhouses with artificial flowers hanging on the front porch. Folks know it is springtime when the birdhouse re-appear on our building!”-Richard Traunero.

3. William H. Clark Funeral Home in Stroudsburg, PA

A beautiful photo shared by Funeral Director, Gary Raish, of William H. Clark Funeral Home in Stroudsburg, PA.

“Our weeping cherry tree is in full bloom, a sure sign that spring has arrived in Stroudsburg, PA.”– Gary A. Raish

4. Canale Funeral Homes in Marquette, Gwinn and Ishpeming, MI

The scenic and enchanting design of the outdoor spaces at Canale-Tonella Funeral Homes. Located in Marquette, Gwinn and Ishpeming, MI, Canale-Tonella Funeral Homes has designed their buildings and outdoor spaces to resemble a quaint and peaceful country cottage. From the charming brick walkway surrounded by gardens, to the color flowers framing each sign, to the lovely red-shingled roof that gives the buildings their cottage-like look, we have to commend the directors on their impeccable eye for design. Thank you to Mark Canale for sharing these photos with us!

5. Woodlawn Memorial Park and Funeral Home office in Gotha, FL

The gorgeous Yellow Tabulia tree in front of Woodlawn Memorial Park and Funeral Home in Gotha, FL. Thanks to Funeral Director, Tracy Huggins, for sharing with us!

6. Michael Hegarty & John Vincent Scalia Home for Funerals
in Old Bridge, NJ

The colorful and manicured flowerbeds in front of Michael Hegarty & John Vincent Scalia Home for Funerals and Cremation Service in Old Bridge, NJ. The elegant and well-designed landscaping frames the brick building so stunningly. Thanks to Funeral Director, Megan Moran, for sharing these beautiful funeral home garden photos with us.

7. Furman Home for Funerals in Leola, PA

The radiant flowers, trees and gardens of Furman Home for Funerals in Leola, PA create a scenic display of color and beauty. The cleverly designed landscaping frames the building in a truly spectacular way. Thanks to Heather Furman for sharing these photos with us!

8. Nicos C. Elias Funeral Home in Allentown, PA

A great photo shared with us from Nicos C. Elias Funeral Home, Inc. in Allentown, PA of the funeral home employee, Genny Perez, doing the funeral home’s first flower planting of the season. Thanks to Nicos for sharing with us! We love the look of flowers framing a funeral home sign!

9. Coleman Funeral Home in Oxford, MS

Springtime flowers blooming at Coleman Funeral Home in Oxford, MS. In the large photo, you can see a street view of the funeral home and the ruby red flowers that decorate the entrance. The other photos show potted plants adorning the other side of the funeral home with yellow and orange pops of color. Thanks to Jeremy Roberts, Director of Event Services, for sharing these beautiful photos with us.

“We rotate the front potted and the back porch flowers/plants each season to add freshness and color to the home. A tip would be to make sure you water them all each day! Also, to pick what works best with your climate and decor of your home. Red, yellow, and orange work well for us against the stone, brick, and wood of the facility.”-Jeremy Roberts.

10. Reynolds-Jonkoff Funeral Home in Traverse City, MI

“The daffodil is our doorside queen; She pushes upward the sword already, To spot with sunshine the early green.”-William Cullen Bryant. We love this quote almost as much as we love the gorgeous daffodils planted at Reynolds-Jonkhoff Funeral Home in Traverse City, MI. The photo of the Jonkhoffs working on their planting is also a great shot that shows how much work goes into gardening, but what a great reward! Thanks to Peg Jonkoff for sharing these photos.


Which funeral home garden on our list inspires you the most? What is your favorite springtime plant or flower to grow in your funeral home’s garden? Please share your comments below – we would love to see a great conversation blossom with gardening tips and ideas for funeral homes.


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