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How Multiple Redundancies Protect Your Funeral Home’s Critical Calls

How Multiple Redundancies Protect Your Funeral Home’s Critical Calls

Sep 16, 2015

ASD created S.T.A.R.T.S (Secure Timely Adaptable Redundant Telecommunications Systems) to ensure your callers can always get through to us. We understand that funeral directors must remain available to their communities at all times. For this reason, our power, phone lines and systems must keep running 24/7. We leave nothing to chance when protecting your phone calls. In order to prepare for any possible scenario, ASD has invested heavily in telecommunication redundancies and power disruption systems. Here are some of the ways ASD prepares for every possible scenario to ensure your calls, especially critical calls, are always answered promptly:

  • ASD's building is equipped with two powerful generators, fully integrated with a back up battery system that is tested weekly to prepare for local power failures.
  • ASD's state-of-the-art data center (pictured above) is designed to utilize multiple long distance providers simultaneously, so a disruption of service on any carrier’s network will not disable our operations. In the event of an outage, we can reroute all calls to a working network.
  • Two independent UPS Battery Systems protect us from unexpected power surges by supplying energy stored in a large bank of batteries.
  • ASD uses the RespOrg process to reroute phone lines in the event of a regional outage. Every one of our clients' calls are cycled through multiple telephone carriers. This precaution ensures that if an issue occurs with one carrier, the call will then be re-routed to a working carrier without disruption.
  • With two independent PBX Computers, two mirrored SQL Server data base systems online, two SQL Server database systems offline for disaster recovery, two synchronized file servers for voicemail access, and two air conditioners keeping our Operations center cool, ASD has back up protection for any emergency or disaster scenario.
  • In the event that ASD experiences a disruption of service, we can activate our Crisis Notification System remotely to ensure you receive timely notification of the outage.
  • ASD’s large; 15,000 square foot building is large enough to provide overnight accommodations to employees during major weather events. During both Hurricane Irene and Sandy, more than 40 ASD employees camped out to ensure your calls were protected. Click here to take a Virtual Tour of our state-of-the-art facility.
  • Our office is equipped with a full alarm monitoring system to regulate any abnormalities that might affect our employees and equipment.
  • We now have more than 80 remote stations that provide our office with an extra layer of support.

Enjoy these long summer days with the knowledge that protecting your sensitive calls is always our top priority.


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