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In today’s world, providing a direct text messaging option on funeral home websites enables swift communication and information retrieval without the need for phone calls, fostering convenience for website visitors and strengthening connections with the funeral home. This option offers a swift and discreet channel for communication, which is especially beneficial during times of grief when individuals may prefer written exchanges over verbal conversations.

ASD, a pioneering leader in funeral home communication solutions, is proud to offer a Web Texting solution made possible through ASD’s integrations with the leading funeral home website companies. With this feature added to a website, the funeral home will receive an ASD Mobile notification sent to the designated on-call person. The director can then reply to the message using the app and use the funeral home’s main phone number as their outgoing Caller ID. As ASD continues to refine this new tool, funeral homes can anticipate the seamless integration of this powerful functionality into their digital platforms, ushering in a new era of streamlined communication and customer engagement.

In an era where personalization and responsiveness are paramount, the ability to engage in real-time conversations via text messaging fosters a sense of trust and reliability. Whether addressing immediate concerns or providing guidance, funeral directors can use Web Texting to demonstrate their commitment and establish a strong rapport with families in need.

Funeral professionals who are interested in harnessing the benefits of ASD’s Web Texting solution are encouraged to contact their current website providers and express their interest in integrating this feature into their existing websites to elevate their funeral home communication. For more information, please contact ASD’s Customer Service team at 800-868-9950 ext. 5 or email