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Virtual Tour

For many years we have wanted to show our clients the technology and infrastructure we have in place here at ASD. Now, thanks for Frank Clark and the Google Trusted Photo MD Team, ASD now has a high definition Virtual Tour of our facility. The crisp detail and focused images make you feel as if you are walking through our building. You can use the arrow keys to move from room to room or zoom in on anything you would like to see in further detail. You can see our Google Virtual Tour anytime on our Google+ Local page, or start the tour from a specific room by clicking on one of the links below:


Click here to start tour from ASD's Operations Center

Data Center

Click here to start tour from ASD's Data Center

Reception Area

Click here to start tour from ASD's Reception Area

Conference Room

Click here to start tour from ASD's Conference Room

ASD's Building

Click here to start tour from outside of ASD's building

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