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ASD Employment Opportunities

Please Note: If you are interested in starting a career at ASD, we ask that you call our Employment Hotline # 610-744-1200 to leave a Phone Introduction. You will be greeted by a recording that will provide further instructions. Please DO NOT email resumes or call our 800# regarding employment.

"I started working at ASD as a Call Specialist right out of high school. The support, training and encouragement I received here helped me to earn my college degree and hone my skills. I have grown up with this company and am now proud to work in ASD's Marketing Department. I am grateful to work for a company that appreciates employee contributions and supports a positive work environment." -Jess F (Public Relations), ASD Employee since 2003.

If you are looking for a company that values and respects employees and offers careers instead of jobs, look no further. ASD is the leading answering service for funeral professionals. We are a company that promotes from within and rewards proven talent. More than half of our staff has been with us for 3 years or longer and over 50 of our employees have worked at ASD for more than 7 years. The strong rapport and enduring friendships between our employees is supported by ASD’s company culture.

ASD- Answering Service for Directors is always looking for professional and compassionate candidates to work as Call Specialists in our 24/7 Call Center located in Media, PA. As the answering service trusted by 35 percent of the nation's funeral homes, ASD has established a reputation for offering our clients the highest level of service. We are a true business partner to the funeral professionals we serve. Our employees are patient, caring individuals who are responsible for ensuring funeral home callers receive first-class customer service.

"I have worked for a lot of companies and ASD is the best. There is so much positive reinforcement and it makes you strive to do your best. Being recognized for hard work is a reward itself." -Rachel K (Supervisor), ASD Employee since 2010.

ASD has been a family owned and operated company since 1972. We have experienced tremendous growth even during difficult economy and our workforce is still growing. More than 200 people work for ASD. The strong teamwork environment is an added bonus to the many performance incentives and rewards available to our employees. ASD's policy of promoting from within creates excellent opportunities for our staff to grow. We reward proven employees and have since made ASD their career.

Benefits of Working at ASD:

We offer a competitive salary, flexible shifts, vacation, competitive benefits such as health insurance and a 401K plan with a match. Onsite exercise equipment is available to all employees. Our growth in the Hispanic community has created opportunities, including incentives, for bilingual Call Specialists. ASD's investment in technology has created a state-of-the-art call center where employees utilize the most advanced systems available. The open-air work environment is clean, bright and friendly.

Complete list of benefits:

  • Earn $17-$23/hr (Please note: ASD’s pay rate is very much incentive based. We offer numerous attendance and performance bonuses in addition to a premium pay rate offered to our staff for working weekends and holidays. Every employee has an “effective pay rate” that is calculated with these incentive added. This is factored in to our listed salary range).
  • Paid training period
  • Medical, Dental and Vision insurance offered
  • A matching 401(k) plan
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Attendance bonus
  • Performance bonus
  • Paid vacation
  • Paid time off for illness and personal days
  • Flexible hours
  • Ability to work from home after 9 months of service
  • Smoke-free offices
  • Use of exercise work stations (treadmill and recumbent bike)
  • On-site outdoor garden and gazebo
  • Weekend pay differential
  • Triple-time pay on holidays
  • Additional incentives for bilingual employees

Position Summary:

ASD Assists funeral homes and funeral related businesses of all sizes by professionally handling their telephone calls when they cannot. If you excel in an environment where you can provide comfort and assistance to others, a career at ASD may be right for you. New employees must be able to speak gently and professionally on the phone with the understanding that it may be the worst day of the caller's life. Candidates must possess essential communication skills and present a professional telephone demeanor at all times. The duties of this position include empathetically gathering Death Call information from family members and nurses, coordinating removals, answering questions from the public and facilitating communication for multiple funeral homes. The ideal applicants will be patient and empathetic individuals dedicated to helping others.

Required Skills:

This is an entry-level position. Call center experience is preferred but not required. However, all employees must complete an extensive, three-part test, to evaluate your typing, spelling, grammar and comprehension abilities. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you visit to see if you are able to type over 35 WPM before applying for a position at ASD, as this is a requirement for all employees. Please note that we do adhere to a BUSINESS CASUAL dress code. Candidates that demonstrate a POSITIVE ATTITUDE are more likely to be considered for employment at ASD.

Additionally, new hires must exhibit certain skills within six months of their start date to continue with ASD. These skills include:

Excellent listening and communication skills
Empathetic, patient phone demeanor with clear speaking voice
Strong attention to detail with essential English and grammar skills
Excellent composure with the ability to calmly defuse emotionally unstable callers
Commitment to excellent attendance and proven reliability
Exceptional short-term memory with an ability to take accurate, thorough messages
Extensive familiarity of funeral customs, terms and procedures
Dependable team player attitude with an understanding that calls cannot be put off and must be handled immediately, including weekends, holidays, and days with extreme weather conditions
Perceptive and conscientious with intuition to quickly determine the needs of each caller

"I love that my hours are flexible and allow me to be available to my three kids. I also love that we are a big family here and we all really care about one another." -Christa H. (Training Specialist), ASD Employee since 2007.

How to Apply

If you are interested in starting your career at ASD, please call 610-744-1200 to leave a Phone Introduction. You will be greeted by a recording that will provide further instructions.

For more information about employment at ASD, email

Why Join ASD?

  • Funeral profession Exclusive

  • Independent American Family Owned and Operated

  • 90% First Ring Answers

  • More Than 7000 Funeral Home Clients

  • Cost-Effective Alternative to Staffing

  • Flexible Plans to Meet Every Budget

  • Reliable and Proven Technology

  • Cutting-Edge Functionality

  • Friendly, Experienced Staff with an Average Employment Length of 6 years with ASD