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It is a comfort for me to know that our phones will always be answered. I appreciate all of the back ups to back ups ASD has put in place to ensure the phones are always answered. With our Cremation Society, a low cost-low service provider, ASD is our receptionist. By having ASD, we are able to keep our overhead costs low by not staffing the phones for this company.
Blake Frazier

Cremation Society of Virginia

By allowing us to be more flexible and seen more in the community, ASD has helped us to grow our business. It is much easier knowing that the phones are in good hands.
Brad McCune

Snouffer Funeral Home

ASD has a very efficient service which is of great help. I really like the text message service. This system makes it so much easier to return calls and offer more rapid response to families.
Nick Renn

Jackson Funeral Home

ASD allows us to focus more on the business. In the evening when meeting with families, we are not interrupted by the phone. By freeing up time spent babysitting the phone, we can go out and promote the business at community functions and attend more family functions.
Valery Bayliff Fultz

Bayliff & Son Funeral Home, Inc.

We had a service previously, which was not professional at all. We find that this service is well trained, very efficient, personable with our customers and they try their best to help out when someone calls. I will recommend them highly.
Gloria K. Bowden

Scobee-Combs-Bowden Funeral Home

We switched to ASD in January of 1998. There were times when we called our previous answering service and the phone rang 30 times without an answer. Since we have switched to ASD, our calls have been answered professionally and appropriately. The more we use them, the more we like them.
William H. Bauman

Bauman Family of Funeral Homes, Virginia, MN

The professional handling of families reflects & represents all of us. At a time of need when lives are most sensitive, professionalism with care has been expressed by ASD - our extended family of employees. Many blessings.
Jeannie Voges

Baker Funeral Home, Valley Center, KS

ASD provides our funeral chapels with prompt and accurate service which enables us to provide the same type of service to families.
J. Stephen Gibson

Welch-Ryce-Haider Funeral Chapels, Santa Barbara, CA

ASD is the most efficient answering service I've had in the last twenty years. Their expertise, politeness & quickness in answering my calls is very unique to say the least. I'm proud to say I use ASD as my service.
Robert J. Galello

Galello-Luchansky Funeral Home, Stratford, CT

ASD is the most dependable and caring answering service in the industry. I received several compliments on how understanding and courteous my 'staff' is, little do they know the operators at ASD are my staff!
Kirk A. Popiolek

Popiolek Funeral Home, Barrington, NJ

No one could have been more skeptical than we were; and no one could be more pleased with the service provided by ASD. The recorded conversations are the reassurance we required and the confirmation that all calls are handled in a professional and courteous manner. We could not be more satisfied.
Charles V. Hanson, III

Clayton-Thompson Funeral Home, Groves, TX

The professionalism of the operators is by far, better than any other answering service we have dealt with. The technology they use in answering the funeral calls enables you to hear everything between the family and the answering service. One word describes ASD - EXCELLENT!!
Neil Phillips II

J. Foster Phillips Funeral Home, Jamaica, NY

I have always appreciated the professionalism and courtesy of the staff at ASD. I know if I am unavailable to answer a call, it will be handled in a professional and courteous manner consistent with the way we operate at Waid-Coleman.
Todd A. Waid

Waid-Coleman Funeral Home, Conneaut Lake, PA

With ASD, we know we are dealing with people who are familiar with the funeral profession and its sensitive issues. Also, the recorded message lets us know precisely how our families are being treated when they reach our answering service.
Dominique Krentz

Gardner Funeral Home, White Salmon, WA

In today's world, running an updated Funeral Home without ASD is like running an office without a computer or fax machine.
Donald Martens, Sr.

Daniel L. Berry & Donald Martens & Sons Funeral Home, Cleveland, OH

ASD is the most professional, well-versed answering service in the funeral industry today. While others have taken what they do and have attempted to mirror their service, no one else is close. They have never let me or my firm down. The best money a funeral home can spend is on ASD and their service.
Mike Orcutt

Angel Valley Funeral Service, Tucson, AZ

I like the fact that all of my effort to give you the information regarding my funeral home is put to good use. When someone calls for directions you give them just the way I wrote them. The caller does not know that I am out. Your service is the best one for us.
J. Douglas Clepper

Vielhauer-Clepper Funeral Home, Cincinnati, OH

The service provides us with more freedom away from the funeral home for personal life with the assurance that our calls are being taken care of with the highest quality.
David J. Fisch

Fisch Funeral Home, Remsen, IA

We have used four other answering services during the past 10 years and none have provided the prompt (generally by 2nd ring) answering that is provided by ASD. We truly 'tried the rest and now have the best.'
Ken Henry

Henry-Lange Memorial Homes, Lewistown, IL

Finally, a professional answering service understands the unique needs of funeral service professionals. I no longer have to worry about the level of service my callers receive. I know it will be expedient, professional and if necessary, compassionate.
Michael S. Lake

Dyer-Lake Funeral Home, Attleboro Falls, MA