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Weekly News at ASD: New Promotions and Partnerships

Weekly News at ASD: New Promotions and Partnerships

Aug 29, 2013

ASD's App Spotlight of the Month: Filemaker Go

Every month, ASD will tell you about a mobile app that can help funeral homes conduct business or improve efficiency. This month, we are featuring FileMaker Go. Designed specifically for business use, Filemaker Go provides mobile database software that allows you to create your own custom business solutions. Create customized databases that can be accessed and edited from the office desktop or from your mobile phone. Funeral directors can use this app to access their general price list or other arrangement documents when meeting with families and update information instantly. You can also share documents by securely connecting to databases hosted on the FileMaker Server via the Internet or your data can be emailed to your iPad or iPhone and used off-line.

New Partnerships

ASD is honored to be an affiliated member, endorsed provider, or partner of more than 15 state funeral associations. State funeral associations distribute valuable information to funeral professionals, work to educate the public, advocate before state and federal lawmakers and offer continuing education opportunities to their members. We recognize the importance of supporting these organizations in their efforts to provide important resources to the funeral service community.

Here are some of the state associations we recently became members of:

ASD is a Supplier Member of the Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association

ASD is a Preferred Supplier of the Arizona Funeral, Cemetery & Cremation Association

ASD is an Allied Supplier of the Utah Funeral Directors Association

ASD is an Affiliated Member of the South Carolina Funeral Directors Association

ASD is a member of the Tennessee Funeral Supply Sales Club

ASD's "Sensitive Save of the Week" Winner

ASD Call Specialists answer only for funeral homes and funeral related businesses. This allows us to tailor our training so that our Call Specialists can pick up on subtle clues and key phrases that allow them to identify the urgency of every call. This week, our Assistant Supervisor, Stephanie, answered a call from a gentleman who spoke very casually and told Stephanie, “I just want to leave my address since the bill will be in my name.” To the untrained ear, this statement might sound like a routine billing message that could wait until office hours. However, ASD Call Specialists are trained to hear what isn’t said, prompting Stephanie to ask, “Are you calling to report a passing?” Stephanie discovered the caller’s brother had passed, and while he did not define his call as urgent she knew the director would want to talk to him without delay. She is this week’s "Sensitive Save of the Week" winner for paying close attention to the caller and taking that extra step to ensure the funeral director could connect immediately to the family.

Click here to see last week's winner.

Recent Promotions

ASD is pleased to announce the recent promotions of Assistant Supervisors, Rachel Keys-Taylor and Lori Bongiovanni. Rachel and Lori have demonstrated exceptional customer service skills and will join our experienced team of Supervisors to provide support and assistance to ASD’s funeral director clients. Rachel’s and Lori’s experience handling funeral home calls will help them to provide clients with a superior level of customer service. Their new roles as ASD Supervisors will allow them to enhance their relationships with funeral directors while offering their knowledge and guidance to our Call Specialist team. Click here to learn more about Rachel and Lori.

We are also excited to announce the recent promotion of our Supervisor, Kristine Soderland, to our Technical Support team. Kristy began working at ASD as a Call Specialist in 2005 and our Managers quickly noticed her eagerness to learn and to teachothers. She has also assisted with countless projects that include beta testing the ASD Mobile app during early development. At every level, employees like Kristy allow ASD to act as a true business partner to the funeral community. For example, one of Kristy’s responsibilities as ASD’s new Technical Support Assistant will be to trouble shoot specific technical issues reported by clients and work with them closely to find a quick resolution. Her experience and dedication to the company will be an incredible asset to our Technology team. Click here to learn more about Kristy.

How Different Generations Use ASD

The funeral profession is one of few vocations where employees’ ages range from 18 to 80. The family dynamic of funeral homes often requires older and younger generations to compromise to work together harmoniously. Funeral homes must develop a business philosophy that combines traditional values with modern efficiencies in order to bridge the gap between generations. This collaboration allows multigenerational firms to offer families both experience and fresh ideas.

Communication is essential to a successful working relationship. Directors prefer to access and transmit information differently depending on their technical experience. This may create conflict when one person must adapt to another person’s style or technique that is outside of their comfort zone. Finding a solution that aligns with every directors’ business philosophy is often a challenge for multi-generational firms.

Understanding that funeral homes require a range of communication tools, ASD has developed a suite of solutions to meet the needs of every experience level. Click here to continue reading


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