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Weekly News At ASD: New features, conventions and updates!

Weekly News At ASD: New features, conventions and updates!

Jun 04, 2013

ASD Adds Second Generator

At ASD, our commitment to serving you and your community is paramount. Last month, we installed a new primary generator. This was added to our array of backup energy systems. We now have two fully automatic redundant power generation systems, each fully capable of supplying ASD's power needs. These systems are tested weekly to ensure they are ready when we need them. ASD’s back up energy systems ensure that we are prepared for any major weather event.

During Hurricane Sandy, a hospital was left without power because their only generator failed. ASD's redundant power system is just another example of our commitment to your funeral home. Your phones must be answered professionally and compassionately, always.

ASD Mobile's New Mapping Feature


To remain available to the community 24/7, funeral professionals must spend a great deal of time travelling on the road. To provide support to directors on the go, ASD has added a new mapping feature to our iPhone app. This tool helps you navigate to addresses that are given to our Call Specialists over the phone instead of having to manually enter the location information into a GPS. This is just one more way ASD helps funeral homes remain highly vigilant in serving the needs of families.

Have You Logged On To myASD 4.0 yet?

ASD recently unveiled a newly enhanced web portal to make managing your ASD account online even easier. A link to a pre-release version of myASD 4.0 has been posted on ASD’s login page so you can explore all of the new features. Here are some changes you may notice:

  • ► A Fast Log In box that allows you to log in to multiple ASD accounts securely
  • ► New security settings to ensure your information is always protected
  • ► Individual monitoring capabilities that enable you to see which employee received a message and leave notes for other directors, linking everyone to a single communication center
  • ► New on-call status modes that allows you set a weekly or daily on-call status and even create a complex schedule weeks into the future
  • ► A re-dispatch feature that allows clients to send a message to ASD alerting them to call another director with a message
  • ► Dialout recordings are stored within the message log and no longer clutter up your ASD mailbox, streamlining communication.
  • ► A Make Service button that quickly transfers information gathered on a First Call into ASD’s online obit editor •
  • ►Redesigned, user-friendly billing section
  • ►Links to ASD Mobile for iPhone and Android conveniently located on the login page.

If you have any questions about or suggestions for the new site, log on and click on the link at the top of each page to send us feedback.

ASD on the Road


This Spring has been filled with warm memories of meeting funeral directors across the country and catching up with old friends. ASD's New Client Specialist, Sue Fritz, and Operations Supervisor, Anne Hodgson, had a wonderful time at the Michigan Funeral Directors Association convention in Detroit. Congratulations to our Raffle Winners, E.J. and Jeff Mandziuk (standing next to Supervisor Anne Hodgson) from E.J. Mandziuk & Sons Funeral Directors in Warren, MI on taking home the iPad mini we raffled off.

National Sales Manager, Jason Bathurst, and Supervisor, Kristine Soderland loved spending time at the Ohio Funeral Directors Association Convention. ASD is a partner of the OFDA and it was a pleasure to meet so many funeral directors from our neighboring state. Congratulations to Funeral Director Bruce Neely at Hanson-Neely Funeral Home in Ada, OH on winning the iPad mini ASD raffled off at the show. 

We are looking forward to an exciting month meeting clients across the country as we travel to Texas, Kentucky, and California. We also look forward to catching up with funeral directors in our home state at the upcoming Pennsylvania Funeral Directors association convention.

Next Stops:

The Pennsylvania Funeral Directors Association's Annual Convention & Expo

2013 Texas Funeral Directors Association Convention

 Funeral Directors Association of Kentucky's 131st Annual Convention

Pray for Oklahoma

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the horrific tornadoes that struck the Moore, OK area and surrounding communities. We commend our friends and clients at Moore Funeral and Cremation and Havenbrook Funeral Home for providing services to the victims of these terrible tragedies at no cost and accepting donations for their community. ASD just sent a large box of donations down to Moore, if you would like to send one as well please mail them to:

  • Moore Funeral Home and Cremation
  • 400 S.E. 19th St
  • Moore, OK 73160
  • 405-794-7600
  • Contact: Preston McCurtain, Funeral Home Manager

  • Havenbrook Funeral Home
    3401 Havenbrook St.
    Norman, OK 73072
  • Contact: Shane Vice, Funeral Home Manager



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