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Helpful Holiday Communication Tips for Funeral Homes

Helpful Holiday Communication Tips for Funeral Homes

Aug 18, 2011

ASD understands that funeral directors work around the clock and aren't able to pause and enjoy life as often as others. This is why proper staffing on holidays is such a crucial concern for our company. We want our clients to worry about one less thing during those rare days off.

Every major holiday, ASD creates a special schedule that includes all of our employees. While our call specialists work shorter shifts, scheduling all of our operators increases the overlap of employees to guarantee the office is never short staffed. It also aligns with ASD's all-hands-on-deck approach of the office working as a collective whole to ensure the highest quality of service for our directors.

We understand that holidays may impact how you respond to your messages and have expanded our customizable options so you can make changes to your account anytime. So if you're going away for the week, we can create a temporary call list until you return. If you're not able to respond to general inquires, we can tailor your accounts criteria so you will only be notified if someone passes or if there is an emergency. Our supervisors are available 24/7 to make any changes or updates, whether it's just for the day, the week or the rest of summer.

With the ASD Mobile App, you'll never have to answer the phone during a BBQ again! We can send you the details of every message and our systems are flexible enough to allow you to respond to all urgent messages with a quick tap, giving you more time to yourself and off the phone without sacrificing the quality of service you provide to families. Stay in control of all incoming first calls with the First Call Report, which will send the owner or manager the details on all incoming first calls via text and email even when other staff members are on call. You can also quickly and efficiently change your on-call status, send us service details or re-dispatch a message to a different employee.

Enjoy Spring and Summer with confidence that your calls are always our top priority. You don't have to be on the phone to be in control of your business. ASD is here to professionally and compassionately answer your calls anytime you need a break.

To create a special holiday on-call schedule, contact us at 800-868-9950 ext 2.


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