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Conduct More Business On-the-Go With ASD's "Freedom Plus Plan"

Conduct More Business On-the-Go With ASD's "Freedom Plus Plan"

Jul 21, 2011

ASD recently offered our clients an opportunity to try our “Freedom Plus” plan. This expansive call plan includes all of the features that encompass our pledge to provide directors with the latest cutting-edge technology and progressive solutions for all their funeral home needs.

ASD recognized long ago the need to provide our clients with alternatives to the traditional methods of other answering services. We were one of the first funeral home answering services to use text and email messaging and have since enhanced these features with the innovative “Freedom Plus” plan. Nearly half of our funeral professional clients have signed on to utilize the options available under this sophisticated plan.

According to Funeral Director Zach Coffin of Chaput-Buoy Funeral Home, “ASD has been our answering service for almost a decade and the new features that have been added in the past several years have definitely made it an even better experience for our funeral home.”

“Freedom Plus” enables our directors to receive and respond to all messages with a text or e-mail, eliminating interruptions and reducing billable calls. We were also the first to offer a convenient “Smart Text” alternative that harnesses the power of Smart Phones by allowing directors to access messages through a hyperlink sent with the text.

“Freedom Plus” can significantly decrease the possibility of missing a “First Call” or pricing inquiry. Your funeral home can determine which callers you would like to have directly transferred and use our patented“First Call Connect®” to ensure family members are never placed on hold when calling to report a passing.

Funeral professionals using “Freedom Plus” have the advantage of a versatile online mailbox that includes a recording of every call answered by ASD. Using this online mailbox, you may change your on-call status on our website or enter obituary information, ensuring accuracy and reducing your funeral home’s call volume.

“Our Freedom Plus Plan truly frees directors to conduct their business on the go and spend time in their communities without sacrificing the quality of the service provided to their families,” says ASD Vice President Kevin Czachor. “Since we have developed our solutions in-house, many of these features are only available through ASD”

Other “Freedom Plus” benefits include online credit card payment, fax-messaging and blocking unwanted repeat callers using Solicitor Shield. Offering directors state-of-the-art functionality and protection that is still unrivaled by any other answering service company, our Freedom Plus Plan provides a dynamic resolution for funeral professionals who want to maintain seamless control over all their calls.

“The Freedom Plus Plan is helpful all the time, whether we are out of the office for the day or just stepping out because we always have a heads up before something happens,” says Funeral Director Mindy Sparks of Berg Funeral Inc. “The text-message allows me to prepare myself in advance. The patching feature is great because I can give our callers immediate answers and it gives them peace of mind to know they will be speaking to someone right away. The website is a great resource when I am home, I just pull up all of my messages directly on my iPad. I'm still learning new ways to use the plan everyday.”

To learn more about our Freedom Plus Plan or to sign up, email or call 800-868-9950 ext 2.


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