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Coming Soon: myASD 4.0 - ASD’s Powerful New Web Interface

Coming Soon: myASD 4.0 - ASD’s Powerful New Web Interface

May 21, 2013

ASD is pleased to introduce a newly enhanced web portal to make managing your ASD account online even easier. The updated website, myASD 4.0, offers an expansion of features that were available through the previous website along with added user tools and options. ASD’s Award-Winning mobile app, ASD Mobile, first showcased these features and now they have been integrated into myASD 4.0.

A link to a pre-release version of myASD 4.0 has been posted on ASD’s login page so you can try out all of these new features prior to the official release. If you have any questions or suggestions for the new site, we’d love to hear them—simply click the link that asks for feedback at the top of every page.

The enhanced myASD 4.0 provides individual monitoring capabilities to every on-call director at your funeral home. The website can identify not only what funeral home is logging in, but also which employee. This enables the site to function more intuitively and with greater security. A Fast Login tool allows you to log on to multiple ASD accounts simultaneously and leave comments for other directors.

If your funeral home has a rotating schedule, myASD 4.0 offers more options for updating your on-call information. Set a weekly or daily on-call status and even create a complex schedule weeks into the future. This provides convenience, extra time and gives you one less thing to worry about at the end of the day. The new website also includes a Calendar feature so you can view your on-call schedule as a weekly or monthly calendar anytime and confirm contact instructions are set correctly.

With myASD 4.0, monitoring and evaluating your funeral home’s telephone activity online has never been simpler. Every message dispatch is indexed on the Message Log and includes a link to a recording of the dial out. Review dispatch times and see which employee was contacted for each message. Like the ASD Mobile app, myASD 4.0 is updated in real-time so you will see a notification online if a message is currently being dispatched.

The updated website includes a ‘Make Service’ button that allows you to quickly transfer information gathered on a First Call into ASD’s online obit editor, simplifying the process of sending ASD service details. Other myASD 4.0 features include a redesigned Billing section with user-friendly options and links to ASD Mobile for iPhone and Android conveniently located on the login page.


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