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ASD's Outstanding Service Awards

ASD's Outstanding Service Awards

Mar 12, 2012

ASD Staff is professional and compassionate in all situations. Each week, ASD recognizes four employees with an "Outstanding Service Award". This special recognition is given to the ASD Staff who exhibit the sensitivity and attention to detail that set ASD apart from other answering services. Here are some recent "Outstanding Service Award" winners:

►Training Specialist, Mary, accurately retrieved First Call information from a caller who initially wanted to hang up and call later.

►Advanced Call Specialist, Jennifer, compassionately assured a tearful family member who had called several times and had not heard from a funeral director that she would be called back very soon.

►Assistant Supervisor in Training, Chris, determined that a caller who was only asking for directions actually wanted to stop by the funeral home to set up arrangements.

►Senior Call Specialist, Kristen, patiently assisted a caller who wanted to give detailed, specific descriptions of a casket she wanted.

Click here to see last week's winners.

Check back next Monday to see who next week's "Outstanding Service Award" winners will be!


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Jess Farren (Fowler)

Jess Farren (Fowler) is a Public Relations Specialist and Staff Writer who has been a part of the ASD team since 2003. Jess manages ASD's company blog and has been published in several funeral trade magazines. She has written articles on a variety of subjects including communication, business planning, technology, marketing and funeral trends. You can contact Jess directly at

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