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ASD's 2012 Perfect Attendance Winners & Tip of the Week

ASD's 2012 Perfect Attendance Winners & Tip of the Week

Jan 08, 2013

Tip of the Week for Android Users: Send Info from ASD Mobile to other apps on your phone

Do you use the Evernote or RemembertheMilk apps on your Android phone? These archive sites allow you to send reminders, save ideas and store important information which you can then access from any computer or mobile device. Did you know you can use ASD Mobile's 'Share' feature to send call details to these apps?

ASD Mobile for Android's share feature allows you send information from our app to any application that registers itself as being able to take messages. This feature can help ensure that you never misplace vital information while saving you time. Thank you to Bruce Parthemore at Parthemore Funeral Home for telling us about this wonderful app feature. Funeral Directors have found so many functions for our app--some of which we haven't even discovered yet!

(Note: Currently, this feature is only available on Android phones as Apple imposes certain limitation on sharing information via an application. However, you can use ASD Mobile for iPhone to email a message & call recording to any contact on your phone)

ASD's 2012 Perfect Attendance Winners

In 2012, five of our long-standing employees had Perfect Attendance for the entire year. We would like to congratulate the following staff members for this notable achievement:

  • ► Senior Call Specialist, Helene, an employee of ASD since 1997
  • ► Assistant Supervisor, Stephanie, an employee of ASD since 2001
  • ► Senior Call Specialist, Trina, an employee of ASD since 2003 
  • ► Assistant Supervisor, Rose, an employee of ASD since 2004
  • ► Advanced Call Specialist, Rosemary, an employee of ASD since 2007

ASD's 2012 Perfect Attendance Winners: Helene, Stephanie, Rose and Rosemary. (Not Pictured: Senior Call Specialist Trina)
  • We have always set high standards for our employees to cultivate a dedicated and knowledgable team of professionals. To achieve perfect attendance at ASD, employees may never be absent or late, even by one minute. This strict “on time” rule ensures that the office is never short staffed and allows us to provide the most consistent and reliable service available.

Helene, Stephanie, Trina, Rose and Rosemary have proven their dedication to the company time and time again, both through their outstanding attendance and exemplary work. They have trained many of ASD's current employees and are frequent Outstanding Service Award winners. We are grateful for their commitment and for the commitment of our entire staff, most of whom have been with ASD for five years or longer. We invite you to stop by our office to meet our talented staff and see firsthand how the ASD team has created a new class of answering service for funeral professionals. 

  • Funeral Home Spotlight: Eline Funeral Home Celebrates 150 Years

    Now in its fifth generation, the Eline Funeral Home will be celebrating its 150th Anniversary this year. Eline Funeral Home is one of the oldest funeral homes in the country that is still owned and operated by the same family. In 1863, E.D. Selby made cabinets and furniture and occasionally made coffins. As the community grew, so did the responsibilities of the undertaker.

    Mr. Selby would soon be too busy to continue as a carpenter. With the Civil War, the community found it needed someone to help with the transportation and disposition of it's fallen soldiers. This was the beginning of the professional funeral director. While traditions and ceremonies may have changed since 1863, Eline Funeral Home says that the principles that original owner E.D. Selby employed to start his business are still embraced today: compassion and professional service to the family.

    Thank you to the Eline Funeral Home for sharing this story with ASD & Congratulations on this incredible milestone!

    ASD's Sensitive Save of the Week

    This week our Call Specialist, Lauren, answered a call for a woman in the morning before the funeral home opened. When the caller learned the funeral home wasn't open yet she said she would just call back but her tone of voice prompted Lauren to ask, “Has someone just passed away?” The caller answered, “No, it's imminent. It's going to happen soon but it hasn't happened yet so it's not an emergency.” This is an example of the type of call ASD's Call Specialists are specifically trained to handle—when a caller doesn't realize their needs are of a high importance. Lauren politely reassured the caller that the funeral director would want to speak to her immediately and was able to obtain her contact information. Lauren is this week's "Sensitive Save of the Week" winner!

    Click here to see last week's winner.

    ASD's Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest Winners

    On December 23d and 24th, the ASD team donned "Ugly Christmas Sweaters" to see who could come up with the craziest holiday getup. We posted the photos on Facebook so that funeral professionals and employees could vote for their favorite. So, without further ado, here are the winners of ASD's 2012 Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest:

    ASD Operations Manager, Ric, won 1st place in our contest for his outrageous ASD-themed Christmas outfit.

    ASD Training Specialist, Kristan, won 2nd place for her ugly holiday sweatshirt


    ASD Training Specialist, Crystal, was the 3rd place winner in our contest with her handmade Christmas outfit.



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