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ASD Tests Quarterly Crisis Notification System

ASD Tests Quarterly Crisis Notification System

Jan 04, 2012

This Sunday, January 8, ASD will administer the quarterly test of our Crisis Notification System at 4 p.m. EST. This test helps us to perfect our notification system to ensure that we can quickly communicate with you in the event of an emergency. The Crisis Notification System was created to provide your funeral home with a timely and reliable notification in the event of a serious loss of capacity at ASD.

Although we have not experienced an interruption of service since employing our Emergency Response Plan, this quarterly test is part of ASD’s initiative to prepare in advance for any unfortunate event. ASD understands the potential value of a single call to your funeral home and launched the Crisis Notification System so we’d always have multiple ways to alert you of any service outage.

Every season, ASD transmits a quarterly message to test the functionality of the broadcast system and to verify that your funeral home’s emergency contact preferences are up-to-date. ASD will send your funeral home a text, email, fax and a prerecorded broadcast message to your personal number and ASD mailbox. These precautions ensure that you will never be kept in the dark about any ongoing service interruption.

ASD’s building is equipped with a powerful generator, fully integrated with a back up battery system that is tested weekly to prepare for local power failures. Our systems are designed to utilize multiple long distance providers simultaneously, so a disruption of service on any carrier’s network will not disable our operations. In the event of an outage, we can reroute all calls to a working network.

In keeping with ASD’s culture of transparency, the Emergency Response Plan provides added peace of mind because no matter the situation, you can rest assure that your calls are always our top priority. With stand by support and back up security measures, ASD offers protection still unsurpassed among answering services.

You can find your funeral home’s emergency contact information on in your online mailbox under the “Crisis Notify” tab on the bottom left side of the screen once you log in. Every person listed on your funeral home’s account will be notified during this test. To alert us of any changes in contact preferences, please email us or call 800-868-9950 ext. 2.


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