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ASD Handles More Than 51,000 Incoming Calls Over Labor Day Weekend

ASD Handles More Than 51,000 Incoming Calls Over Labor Day Weekend

Sep 08, 2015

Labor Day was established as a national holiday in 1894 to celebrate the contributions and hard work of American laborers. At ASD, we see firsthand the dedication and commitment that funeral professionals exhibit 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For this reason, we are passionate about providing directors with seamless and unsurpassed protection for their sensitive calls, especially during holidays. Just like the clients we serve, ASD never takes a break.

During a holiday weekend, ASD makes special accommodations to prepare in advance for a higher call volume. Over the Labor Day holiday weekend, our company handled more than 51,000 incoming calls and over 12,000 outgoing dispatches. This included nearly 6,000 sensitively handled first calls. During that same time frame, more than 89% of calls were answered on the first ring. This is because ASD ensures our Operations department is always fully staffed on holidays by creating a special schedule that includes all of our employees. While our call specialists work shorter shifts, scheduling all of our operators increases the overlap of employees to guarantee the office is never short staffed.

On Labor Day, it is especially important to us to provide support to the funeral service community, which works so hard all year round. In addition to carrying an inner strength to guide families through such difficult times, funeral professionals must also possess robust physical strength in order to handle more labor-intensive tasks. Most people aren’t aware that a high percentage of funeral directors suffer from back issues. Too often, directors will put the needs of the family above their own safety. As a result, funeral professionals sometimes injure their backs when moving or repositioning the deceased all in an effort to alleviate some of the stress family members are feeling.

Labor Day was created to acknowledge hard work and sacrifice—two qualities that are exemplified by funeral directors. At ASD, we support and share many values with our clients. Our back up staffing solutions, powerful forecasting tools and unmatched tracking features were created to give funeral directors peace of mind when entrusting us with their sensitive calls. We understand that sensitive calls from families must be answered without any delay, as a few seconds can feel like an eternity after a major loss. For this reason, our Call Specialists will never put callers on hold and always handle one call at a time.

ASD is the only answering service that offers a RingTracker™ feature that lets you know exactly how many times the phone rang before it was answered by one of our Call Specialist. Clients are informed what ring the call was answered on at the very beginning of every call recording, accessible via ASD Mobile, and ASD's voicemail system. Clients can also see RingTracker™ information displayed next to every call listed on Without ASD's RingTracker™, directors would have no way of knowing if their callers were waiting on hold for long periods of time. This feature empowers funeral professionals by providing full disclosure, offering a level of disclosure still unmatched by other companies.

They say you can’t wear white after Labor Day, but clear is our favorite color here at ASD because transparent business practices are always in fashion.

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