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Jan 20, 2015

Add ASD’s Web Chat Feature To Your Funeral Home’s Website Today!

funeral web chat Funeral Home Web Chat

When it comes to inquiring about funeral options and prices, many people may not feel comfortable picking up the phone to ask questions. Others may be in an environment where such a call cannot be made. Fortunately, the Internet has created new ways for directors to connect with the public. With ASD’s Web Chat solution, your website visitors have a second option for communicating their needs to the funeral home.

  • Answer questions and capture leads directly from your website
  • Receive an alert the moment a chat is initiated with ASD’s Web Chat Alert™ feature
  • Use ASD’s Web Chat Connect™ feature to connect into chats in progress

ASD’s Web Chat introduces several ASD-exclusive tools that allow your funeral home staff to be involved with the chat as well as ASD Call Specialists. We designed this tool to be as interactive as possible, maximizing the level of control you have over incoming chats. When an urgent chat is initiated, ASD sends a Web Chat Alert™ via push notification, text or email. You can then intercept the chat in progress on your mobile phone or computer via our Web Chat Connect™ feature.

Like ASD’s First Call Alert®, a Web Chat Alert will push to your phone’s home screen through the ASD Mobile app. You can also receive Web Chat Alerts via text message or email.

Once you have tapped on a Web Chat Alert, a window will pop up in ASD Mobile that will allow you to intercept the chat in progress via our Web Chat Connect™ feature. This feature works similar to ASD’s First Call Connect® in that you have an option to take control of the conversation. Simply press the open button to enter into the chat session. You can also log in to your account on to intercept the live chat through our website.

With this powerful new feature, you can choose how, when and why you are notified of a chat session by using ASD’s customizable options and settings. Answers to common questions can be programmed in advance, ensuring your website visitors receive the information they need without delay. A log of every chat is archived in ASD’s system, allowing your staff to review information later.

An example of how a Web Chat log will appear in ASD Mobile.

“I think ASD’s Web Chat is a great idea. If someone is browsing on our website and they have a question, they can easily get a hold of a director,” says Ted Ricci, Director of Spotswood Funeral Home in Spotswood, NJ. “ASD’s operators can grab the information from them and a director can call them back later or we can bring a director online to chat. I think it’s a great thing.”

To add ASD’s Web Chat to your website, contact Technical Analyst, Kristine Soderland, at 800-868-9950 or email

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