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ASD Feature Spotlight: First Call Report®

ASD Feature Spotlight: First Call Report®

Mar 07, 2012

How many times have you experienced this scenario: it's late at night, you're not on-call, but you can't sleep because you know someone in your town is very close to passing away. Maybe it's a family you have a very close connection to or have worked with for generations, and every time you try to shut your eyes you worry that something could go wrong. Maybe the family only wants to work directly with you, or the facility where the person passed has special procedures that your on-call staff member might not know about. Without a way to know for sure, it's easy for your mind wander.

ASD has created a solution for this problem that helps keep all funeral home staff on the same page at all times. Our First Call Report® allows owners and managers to monitor all First Call activity handled by their on-call staff. After your on-call person receives a First Call, ASD will send complete details and a recording of the call to the owner's or manager's cell phone or email account. The First Call Report® displays each step taken to reach your on-call staff and keeps clients on top of all business opportunities, even when others are on-call.

“The First Call Report® is a really neat feature. It is very helpful when I am on the go. There was this one time when I was staying at my lake house and that feature really helped me out because it allows me to stay a step ahead on death calls even if another director is handling it while I'm away,” says Jay Woodhouse with Dahn & Woodhouse Funeral Home in Carroll, IA. “I'm able to see the information even when I'm not on call, so I can be aware of everything even if I'm not handling it myself.”

This feature was developed to provide peace of mind, allowing you to monitor activity without sacrificing personal time. With a growing number of funeral homes relying on alternating on-call schedules or transport companies, it is not uncommon for a miscommunication to result. This mobile tool, along with ASD's iPhone Application, First Call Connect® and Price Patching features, can significantly decrease the possibility of a lost business opportunity. First Call Report® lets you know immediately when a First Call is reported and track the status of the removal to prevent any possible 'what if' scenarios from ever happening.


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