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ASD Expands "First Call" Features

ASD Expands "First Call" Features

Jul 25, 2011

Media, PA — Recently, ASD - Answering Service for Directors became the first answering service company that allowed clients to be instantaneously patched to family members calling to report a loved one’s passing, without ever putting the caller on hold. Now, with new available options, this powerful tool ensures funeral professionals maintain complete control over all of their incoming first calls.

Guaranteeing unmatched immediacy, this patented feature is rapidly becoming a must-have for many of ASD’s clients. In less than a year since ASD began promotingFirst Call Connect® and offering their clients a free trial, over 2,500 funeral professionals have already signed on to utilize this convenient feature. These directors will receive a “First Call Alert®” text message immediately after an operator begins to record First Call information. The message will include a phone number directors can call to listen to the First Call as it is taking place.

Now, directors may choose between three different options to decide how to respond to the incoming First Call. If a client feels the caller requires immediate attention, they can press 3 to be instantly patched through to the family member without the caller ever being put on hold. This option guarantees real-time communication that significantly decreases the possibility of a lost business opportunity.

Sometimes, a “First Call Alert®” may come in during a time when a director is assisting another family. When directors press 1 instead, they have the ability to listen to the call first while in a stealth monitor mode. This provides added time to find a quiet place to return the family member’s call while listening in a muted mode and taking note of any pertinent information.

If a director notices the “First Call Alert®” text a few minutes after it is sent, they can press 0 to speak with the ASD call specialist who is taking the First Call before they are patched through to the caller. This provides funeral professionals with added convenience by allowing them to ascertain any vital information they may not have heard at the beginning of the call.

Melissa Moran at Joseph A. Moran Funeral Home agrees: “The First Call Connect® feature is wonderful. Sometimes, when you get first calls, you might be in the car and you don’t have a piece of paper or a pen, so it gives you time to pull over to get ready and it works so much better. We’ve had other answering service companies taking our calls and they are just average, but ASD really goes above and beyond and makes it so much easier for us.”

This unrivaled functionality benefits both funeral professionals and the families they serve by reducing the time it takes to begin discussing funeral arrangements. With even more advanced options, First Call Connect® combined with ASD’s other innovative, timesaving features ensure directors remain connected with their customers 24/7.

According to Vice President, Kevin Czachor, “The funeral profession has always represented the pinnacle of compassionate, personalized care. ASD’s First Call Connect® allows funeral directors the freedom to step away from the funeral home while still being available for the families they serve. This is the perfect adaptation of technology in such a non-technical arena.”

First Call Connect® is registered with the U.S. Patent Office under Patent No. 8467515. To learn more about First Call Connect®, call 1-800-868-9950 or email for more information.


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