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ASD Employee Spotlight: Supervisor Sue Norbeck

ASD Employee Spotlight: Supervisor Sue Norbeck

Mar 14, 2013

"I Feel Like I've Grown Up With ASD"

Every day, ASD Supervisor Sue Norbeck infuses our Operations team with her optimistic energy and devotion to serving clients with the utmost professionalism. As ASD’s most experienced Supervisor, Sue divides her time between providing the highest level of customer service to ASD’s clients and supporting ASD’s Call Specialist team with more than 19 years of expertise. She is critical to ASD’s team atmosphere and her comprehension of ASD’s systems allows her to provide clients with an unsurpassed level of customer service.

All of us who know Sue can attest to her kind, empathetic and gracious manner. Working under Sue as a Call Specialist for many years, I can say from firsthand experience how invaluable her guidance has been to ASD’s operations team. Beyond her outstanding work ethic, experience and incredible wealth of knowledge, Sue is also one of the most approachable and genuine people I’ve ever known. We are proud to feature Sue in this month’s Employee Spotlight:

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What were some of your early experiences working at ASD?

When I first started, there was still limited technology available. The only way for funeral directors to send us obituary information was to fax it to us. We would take the actual fax from the machine, go to that client’s account and manually type in the information. I remember piles, sometimes 20-30 at a time, needing to be entered. That number grew so fast ASD eventually found the need to hire “obit kids” who worked only certain times of day and were here solely to enter faxed obituaries.

How has ASD changed since you started?

ASD has changed in almost every way. When I started, ASD’s building was the size of a small 3-bedroom home—operations were in the “upstairs bedrooms” area, which seemed large at the time. We are now in a building at least 10 times that size. I started as a part-time Call Specialist just answering calls. I was one of maybe 20 – now we have over 100 employees here! A year and a half later when I became a supervisor I was one of only three. Now we have 12 Supervisors and approximately 10 Assistant Supervisors.

The technology we have now is AMAZING—our features and systems are constantly worked on. When ASD began answering calls nationally, our technical team faced the challenge of accommodating different time zones, languages, local practices and cultures. They have met and continue to meet those challenges and requests every day.

What are some of your responsibilities as an ASD Supervisor and how has your role in the company changed since you started?

My duties include monitoring and assisting staff with account setup, assisting clients with account updates, notifying clients about new features and reaching out to funeral professionals regularly to assess how we might enhance their experience using our service.

I also work directly with Call Specialists as well by interviewing potential job candidates, overseeing ASD’s Training Program and counseling Call Specialists about call handling.

How has the role of a Supervisor changed since you started?

As our clientele grows, so does the upkeep on each account and the customizations available to funeral directors. As our staff grows, so does the task of ensuring each Call Specialist has the tools and knowledge needed to professionally and compassionately handle calls. Any new features and system updates need to be reviewed and trained thoroughly.

What are some things you learned from working at ASD?

I feel like I’ve basically grown up with ASD. I have definitely learned patience and the importance of teamwork. Above all, communication is key to making it all work and that applies to my job and to life in general. I have grown incredibly comfortable doing my job and have learned to slow down, breathe and take the time to enjoy every day!

What are some of your personal hobbies and interests outside of ASD?

I love playing and being with my 6 grandbabies, spending quality time with family and friends, gardening, shopping (of any kind!) and shoes (pretty much in that order!) I also love to travel, redecorate my house and spend time outdoors.

What do you like most about your job?

I like communicating with people—whether it is the staff, my peers or our clients. We are our own little family here—relying on, helping and encouraging each other any way we can. Just recently I have begun attending funeral director conventions and, after 19 years at ASD, it is wonderful to be able to meet our clients face to face.

Each month, ASD will be spotlighting a different employee on our blog. Be sure to check back to see who April's Employee Spotlight will feature!


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