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ASD Employee Spotlight: Art Stretton

ASD Employee Spotlight: Art Stretton

Dec 03, 2015

ASD is pleased to welcome our experienced employee, Art Stretton, to our Operations Supervisor team. Art’s promotion is a result of years of dedication and proven commitment to ASD. After being hired in 2012, our managers quickly took note of Art’s willingness to learn and take on new tasks. He gained experience as a trainer of our staff and then as an Assistant Supervisor. In his new role as Supervisor, Art will provide support and assistance to ASD clients while helping our Call Specialist team to achieve their goals. We are proud to feature Art as this month’s Employee Spotlight.

How have your skills and responsibilities evolved since working at ASD?

I’ve been employed with ASD for 3 years. I took every opportunity I could to move up in the company. I am proud to be given the title of Supervisor. I take pride in my work and I always look to better the work environment. By complimenting the staff, motivating them to improve their calls and helping them to enhance their overall view of the job, it makes the work place a more comfortable and desirable place to be.

What were some of your responsibilities of ASD’s Supervision team?

Amongst the Supervisors, we are assigned a team of Call Specialists to make sure that they have all their questions answered, they are always looking for improvements and their concerns are dealt with. I make a point to always encourage my team, along with the rest of the Call Specialists, to do better if they have a difficult call.

What do you look forward to most about your new position?

As a Supervisor, I anticipate I will learn how to better lead a team and give constructive criticism. I always strive to better myself by pushing myself to do new things and interact in different situations that I would not normally find myself in and this position as Supervisor is doing just that.

What are some of your interests and hobbies outside of ASD?

I started the ASD Walk 4 Change program, alongside my co-supervisor, Nadine Fredericks, to help motive the staff to achieve an overall better state of health. The drive behind this new program is ASD's staff. The mission of the program is to help improve the participant’s state of health and fitness by encouraging them to workout with us! The theory and anticipated results of the program are for those who participate to gain their better health/fitness states but also to feel better about themselves, and in turn resulting in a more positive work environment. Nadine and I just received the approval from the managers to start holding workout sessions in the conference room in the basement on operations.

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Congratulations to Art on being promoted to Supervisor along with our other dedicated employees, Lauren Fisher and Vianny Adames.


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