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ASD Announces Promotion of Two Assistant Supervisors

ASD Announces Promotion of Two Assistant Supervisors

Aug 23, 2013

ASD is pleased to announce the recent promotions of Assistant Supervisors, Rachel Keys-Taylor and Lori Bongiovanni. Rachel and Lori have demonstrated exceptional customer service skills and will join our experienced team of Supervisors to provide support and assistance to ASD’s funeral director clients.

Rachel began working at ASD in March 2010 as a Call Specialist and was promoted to Training Specialist after displaying a strong understanding of our systems. Managers recognized Rachel’s patience and empathy while speaking to both funeral home callers and the Call Specialists she was training. In 2012, Rachel was promoted to work as an Assistant Supervisor providing support to ASD’s Supervision team and assisting with special projects.

“My new responsibilities [as an ASD Supervisor] will include overseeing operations, managing staff and assisting clients with concerns and questions,” Rachel says. “I have worked for a lot of companies and ASD is the best. There is so much positive reinforcement and it makes you strive to do your best. Being recognized for hard work is a reward itself.”

Lori was hired by ASD as a Call Specialist in 2012 and managers soon noticed her ability to learn quickly and teach others. She was promoted to work as a Training Specialist and earlier this year, Lori began taking on new responsibilities as an Assistant Supervisor while finishing a Bachelors Degree program at West Chester University. ASD has always been a highly appealing work environment for young professionals looking to start their careers. The average ASD employee has been with our company for over six years largely because ASD offers competitive salary and a wonderful benefits package which includes tuition reimbursement as well as opportunities to grow within the company.

“I enjoy the challenge of learning about all the different accounts and being able to help solve problems,” Lori says. “I am grateful for this opportunity and eager to learn as much as I can.”

Rachel’s and Lori’s experience handling funeral home calls will help them to provide clients with a superior level of customer service. Their new roles as ASD Supervisors will allow them to enhance their relationships with funeral directors while offering their knowledge and guidance to our Call Specialist team.

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