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9 New Christmas Trees That Will Live On Well Past the End of the Season

9 New Christmas Trees That Will Live On Well Past the End of the Season

Dec 27, 2011

It may look like a Christmas tree farm outside of ASD's offices right now, but the nine new Blue Spruce trees that decorate the outside of our building weren't planted for the reason you may think. This year, the East Coast endured massive snow storms, an earthquake, and Hurricane Irene, causing ASD's owners to explore new landscaping options that would better protect their staff, clients and property. These preventative measures are another example of ASD's commitment to providing your funeral home with the highest level of service.

In the past, ASD's lot was dotted with a row of 30 ft tall aging pine trees. During storms, these trees posed a threat to people, cars and to our indispensable backup generator, which is powerful enough to supply all energy needs to our building in the event of a local power outage. In addition to safety concerns, ASD's owners wanted to enhance the exterior appearance of our headquarters with new trees and plant life to create a more welcoming outdoor setting.

With careful research and planning, ASD began selecting the trees, shrubs and flowers to create a natural surrounding that was both inviting and indigenous to the area. It was essential to consider each tree's size, roots, soil conditions, and wind resistance before planting to ensure every tree would reach full maturity. For instance, ASD selected the Blue Spruce Tree, which is native to northern areas and sturdy enough to withstand the cold weather and heavy winds of Pennsylvania winters. With very little maintenance, the Blue Spruce can live up to 200 years.

ASD chose other tree varieties like the Purple Plum and the Cleveland Pear for their similarly strong build, rapid growth, and for the colorful blossoms they produce every spring. We also expect the added sunshine to melt ice patches faster in the winter, further protecting our employees' well-being. It was important to not remove any trees without replacing them with new ones. By planting a diverse mix of native trees, ASD's backdrop is sure to be a colorful mix of natural beauty in the spring.

These horticultural efforts allow us to continue 24 hour operations during the most challenging natural weather events. No matter the situation, you can rest assured that your calls are our top priority. While most businesses are off during the holidays, for funeral homes and for ASD it is vital to remain available at all times. Over the Christmas weekend, ASD sensitively handled 2,837 First Calls while answering 91 percent of all inbound calls on the first ring. We welcome funeral professionals to visit our office anytime to meet our staff personally and see firsthand all of the exciting changes that are currently underway here at ASD.

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