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8 Mobile Apps Every Funeral Director Should Try

8 Mobile Apps Every Funeral Director Should Try

Jun 12, 2013

With so many funeral professionals now using ASD Mobile, we wondered what other mobile apps might help funeral homes conduct their business more efficiently. We recently conducted a survey to find our answer and received responses from more than 300 funeral professionals nationwide. Here are some of the most popular apps chosen by other funeral directors. Please leave a comment let us know what your favorite mobile app is.

1) LogMeIn Ignition: LogMeIn allows users to control their desktop computers from their mobile device and access documents remotely from any location. You can also share or transfer files and back up your vital documents in case of an emergency. If a family calls late at night looking for information and you need to access paperwork while out of the office, LogMeIn can deliver that information to your fingertips in a matter of seconds.

2) Evernote: We first heard about Evernote when a Funeral Director explained how he share data from ASD’s Android app to his Evernote app. The director mentioned how useful the app is for his business, providing a centralized location for him to capture and store photos, websites, lists and more. Information can be accessed from any computer or mobile device and individual documents can be found easily with the app’s Search tool.

3) Google and Apple Maps: Funeral Directors are often on the road and must drive to unfamiliar locations, so we were not surprised that so many survey respondents named Google or Apple maps as their go-to mobile app. While some users may opt for a handheld GPS system instead, those who regularly rely on their Smartphone are likely to find using a GPS app more convenient when on the go.

4) JotNot: Transform your mobile phone into a portable scanner with this app. Using JotNot, you can convert images scanned by the phone into a PDF file. Correct photos and documents instantly and share them without delay, saving time and reducing unnecessary paperwork. JotNot is also integrated with other apps like Evernote—allowing you to sync the apps together so that JotNot automatically corrects images added to Evernote.

5) FlightView: If you’ve ever had to ship or receive remains from the airport, you may have experienced delays or unforeseeable issues that interrupt your day. With a flight-tracking app like FlightView, you have minute-by-minute updates at your fingertips to reduce the chances of a long delay or last minute gate change. The app will send push notifications with updates in real time. FlightTracker also stores location information for future trips.

6) eFax: Have you ever needed to send a fax, but lacked a nearby machine to send it? Now you can use your mobile phone to send fax messages by simply capturing an image and sending it to a fax number. Relay information to newspapers, insurance companies and other vendors in less time and without depending on a fax machine. This allows you to conduct more business away from the office while communicating information quicker than ever.

7) Filemaker Go: Designed specifically for business use, Filemaker Go provides mobile database software that allows you to create your own custom business solutions. Create customized databases that can be accessed and edited from the office desktop or from your mobile phone. Funeral directors can use this app to access their general price list or other arrangement documents when meeting with families and update information instantly.

8) Splashtop Remote Desktop: Like LogMeIn, Splashtop provides remote access to desktop computers. The company offers complex solutions for business teams that allow you to access critical business apps and data from anywhere. While Splashtop offers all of the same features as LogMeIn, it is available for download at a lower price point.

In addition to the apps above, more than 60% of funeral directors surveyed rely on our app, ASD Mobile, to monitor telephone activy, send service details, change on-call information and more. To learn more about ASD Mobile for iPhone and Android, click here.

If you use a mobile app that you think other funeral directors would benefit from, please leave a comment below and tell us more.


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