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5 4.0 Features You Haven’t Tried Yet

5 4.0 Features You Haven’t Tried Yet

Sep 11, 2013

ASD recently updated our website to make managing your ASD account online even more flexible. The updated website, myASD 4.0, offers an expansion of features that were available through the previous website along with added user tools and options. ASD’s Award-Winning mobile app, ASD Mobile, first showcased these features and now they have been integrated into myASD 4.0. Currently, we are still working with funeral directors to refine our new site and incorporate your suggestions. With so many changes and updates, we wanted to make sure you were aware of these 5 powerful new tools available through myASD 4.0:

Re-Dispatch Tool

Have you ever received an urgent message while you were on call that was meant for a different funeral director? In the past, this would require an additional phone call on your part – either to contact the other staff member or to call ASD and instruct us to reach a different employee. Now, you can let us know to contact another director to relay a message with a just  few clicks on our website.

When your message is displayed online, you will notice a ‘Re-dispatch’ button under the message player at the top. Select an employee name from the drop down menu. You can also enter a note for the other director when re-dispatching. This tool provides you with the added flexibility to remain on-call without having to respond to every message yourself.

Complex On-Call Options

If your funeral home has a rotating schedule, myASD 4.0 offers more options for updating your on-call information. Set a weekly or daily on-call status and even create a complex schedule weeks into the future. This provides convenience, extra time and gives you one less thing to worry about at the end of the day. The new website also includes a Calendar feature so you can view your on-call schedule as a weekly or monthly calendar anytime and confirm contact instructions are set correctly.

Leave Notes for Other Employees

With myASD 4.0, every employee is linked to a single communication center and can communicate online through one of our added tools. By recognizing each individual contact person, myASD 4.0 provides better user tracking and messaging between users. Now, when a message is received and you need to let another staff member know how it was handled, instead of making an extra phone call, you can simply leave a note under the message on myASD 4.0. The website will identify which director left the message and can even log multiple responses. This helps enhance inner office communication and ensures that everyone is on the same page.

Fast Login for Multiple Accounts

Do you have more than one account with ASD? Instead of having to log in multiple times to check messages, you can log in to all of your ASD accounts simultaneously on myASD 4.0. Use our new Fast Login tool to easily check messages for all of your locations and switch back and forth between accounts without having to reenter your login information. This feature saves you time and makes it easier than ever to check your messages online.

Email Your Messages

In addition to re-dispatching messages, you can now also share messages via email with just the click of a button. Using this tool, you can send a copy of any message to any email contact. Simply enter an email into the field below the Re-Dispatch tool and the message will be sent, saving you time and reducing data entry tasks.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for ways we could enhance ASD Mobile for your funeral home we would love to hear your feedback. Leave a comment here or contact us at



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